Wednesday, May 13

No Sleep For Me

It's 5 AM, and I haven't slept at all. This could be due to the 5 hour nap I took in the middle of the day, or maybe the large amounts of chocolate, sugar, and caffeine I have recently consumed. Either way, I'm not even tired, so you get to listen to me ramble, because Brit's asleep and I have nothing better to do.

I signed up for an extra shift tonight, but I got put on call. I expected it. They put about 3-4 nurses on call per night, and extras go first. Because they don't want to give me extra money. Cheapos. Sad, because it wouldn't be extra money, since I don't plan on working Friday night. Which means I'll have negative money. (Not really... but I WILL have to use PTO, and that makes me a very sad panda.)

I watched American Idol tonight, and Adam totally makes me swoon. I can't express how much I big puffy heart him. Brit would be jealous, but I think he has a little crush on Adam, too.

I've been TERRIBLE about exercising lately, as in maybe once a week since I got back from Colorado, but it's so much less stressful to not care. And I'm starting to want to go to the gym again. I need to take advantage of that while it lasts!

We went looking at houses (townhouses, really) on Monday, and found two that we LOVE in Lehi. We're probably going to put an offer on one. Not the one I loved most, but the one I loved most is based on aesthetic value, and that doesn't really matter in the long run. If we get this one we like, I'll need major input from people more stylish than me on decorating and painting. I fail at that, but I do NOT want pure white walls with bland carpet and pale kitchen flooring. BLAH.

I feel like I'm running out of friends, very quickly. The only couple we ever hang out with anymore is moving way up north, an hour and a half away, and we're talking about moving into a whole new city. And I fail at making and keeping friends. It's a scary thought.

I am in DESPERATE need of a new book to read. Sadly, I started the first book in a trilogy, and can't find the second one ANYWHERE without buying it, and I am a cheapskate. The library has it, but apparently all of Utah county wants to read the same books as me at the same time, because all copies are out and about 10 people are in the reserve line ahead of me. It's a conspiracy, I tell you.

A nurse brought roasted garlic hummus to work the other night, and I totally fell in love. Now I need to find it, and I will be guaranteed to get in all my veggie servings every day. SO GOOD.

Speaking of work, I had a very interesting and exasperating weekend. No particular night was altogether overwhelming, but every single night something fell apart right at 6 AM when I should have been getting ready to give report to the next shift. Saturday morning, someone coded and died (not a patient, but still, it was intense). Sunday morning, I had an admit at about 5:30 AM, and was JUST ABOUT caught up, when I realized all her antibiotic doses were off and I had to track down the doctor to get them verified. I started charting her admission at 7:15. My shift ends at 7. Monday morning, I had another last-minute admit, medications to give to all of my patients at about 4 AM, and a billion meds to start and reschedule for the new kid. I managed to get everything charted by 7, but was still scrambling to get everything organized as I was giving report. And I'm the type who likes to have everything charted, printed, and lined up in a neat little row by 6:15 waiting for the next shift.

I love my life. I don't really see how it could get any better right now. Unless we had infinite monies. That would be nice...


Kristina P. said...

Congrats on the house! That's so exciting. You definitely need to post pictures.

And we would hang out with you guys! We actually have very few couples friends as well. In fact, I have very few girlfriends.

Kari said...

So I have to admit. I absolutley LOVE Adam too! Everytime he comes out, I just get this big smile on my face!

I'm glad you finally found a townhome that you like...if you are looking for some good reading... this may not be your thing, but the Shopaholic books (its a series) are hilarious! I havent seen the movie yet, but it is good entertainment.

Jen said...

the shopaholic series is EXACTLY my kind of reading. I need something good and fluffy for 2 AM at work when it's slow. I'll have to see if the library has that one.

The Boob Nazi said...

I started a vampire series.... Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. It's entertaining.

Kari said...

Sophie Kinsella is the author. The first one is Confessions of a Shopaholic,(the one the movie is made on) second one is Confessions of a Shopaholic takes Manhatten, then you can figure out the rest by looking at the inside cover of the book. Both my sister and I have loved them, she is on the 4th book, and I'm on the third.

Jen said...

Yeah, my library sucks. I looked up the Shopaholic books, and they have 1 copy of each, with about 20 holds per book. Freaking awesome.

Kristina, we should hang out sometime and be girlfriends. I need some of those, too.

Julie, does that series have to be read in order? Cos if not, then I might have a winner. If it does, then my library still sucks- 1 copy, 10 holds on the first book.

heather said...

I just finished reading "The Cinderella Pact" - funny and entertaining. It's by Sarah Strohmeyer. I actually thought of you while reading it because I laughed out loud and scared Ryan while he was studying ... and it reminded me of that pregnancy book you gave me and how funny it was. :) Anyway ... random. Look it up if you get a chance.