Thursday, May 22

Why My Job is Teh Awesomsauce

(For serious, pictures WILL be coming. And an update on my fabulous trip to OH. I still don't know where my USB cable for my camera is, though.)

Y'know what I love about my job? Besides almost everything, that is. On a general note, I never find myself saying "Argh I have to go to work today" or "Man I really don't want to be here." Any frustration I feel is simply because I don't have enough TIME, and there's so much other stuff I need to be doing. Like unpacking. Which is coming along, but 3 weeks after moving, is STILL not done yet.

So yesterday, on my dinner break, I was watching the only TV channel available in the "break" room-- Fox. American Idol, specifically, at this time. There was some idle banter about who would win, who deserves it, who's better, whatever. It's the first episode I watched all season, so I didn't really care. And yet, somehow, today, I found myself in front of that TV until I really couldn't put off my duties any longer. And even then, you'd see me and Jayson sitting in there, waiting for the commercial, and then literally running out to get as much done as possible before the commercial ended. And then there was giving J his pills, and flushing his catheter, all of which I did in the room with Jayson with one eye on the TV. It cracked me up. And i love that we actually pulled it off.

I don't think I could have a better job, really.

PS- we were all shocked at who won. BOO! The other guy was so much better!!

pps-- i've now updated this twice from stupid typos. I think it's way past my bedtime. So much for getting up and going to the gym tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 6

Updatey Goodness

We've moved! It's been a lot more stressful than I ever imagined. I really needed to request more days off than the 2 that were "absolutely necessary"... because really, the reason I needed them off was because I had other plans! All day Friday was spent moving (exhausting!!), and then Saturday was spent cleaning the old place, and then attending Ben's wedding. So really, we didn't have time for anything else. And now the entire house is covered in boxes, I can't even make it to my side of the bed, and I find myself scrambling to find the time to do everything I need to before working every day. It's pretty rough.

On the bright side, work has really turned around. I'm working the other side now, and it's a LOT easier. (As a note of explanation... the way it works at this place is, the entire building is divided between 4 nurses, so each has a corner.... NE, SE, NW, and SW... which he/she is responsible for. I've been training on SE, which is the hardest one, and am now working NE.) So anyway, the patients are all stable, the medications (the main job of the nurse, here) are easy... as in, not too numerous... and I basically take an hour for lunch every day and take my time and still don't get stressed. Some days I have to hustle, but really, work has become the relaxing part of my day lately.

I have pictures, and as soon as i dig out my USB cable for my camera, I will post them. And as soon as I get pictures of the place all finished and unpacked and set up (which may be several months yet), I will post those, too.

I hate moving.