Wednesday, June 29

More Video

One of Corbin's favorite activities.... walking around, waving his spork, yelling at the top of his lungs.

For Grandy

I've had these for a while, but I've been in a bit of a photography slump lately and haven't posted them. Grandy (Brit's grandmother) sent Corbin a great toy for his birthday! He doesn't really "get" unwrapping yet, but once it was open, he loved it..... and it's still his favorite.

Tuesday, June 28

Silly Boy

My baby is the greatest, funniest, bestest guy in the whole world. I love making him laugh!! I especially love making him laugh, then stopping for a second and waiting for him to grab me and make me do it again.

I love this kid!!!!

Tuesday, June 7

It's my birthday!

I've been reluctant to post about my birthday because I didn't really take many pictures. Oh well, you can have a  summary anyhow.

My birthday included:
+ Work. 3 admits, 1 discharge, 1 transfer.
+ A giant tray of cafeteria junk food, including nachos, frosted brownie, soda, and chocolate-covered gummy bears
+ Telling everyone who said "hi" that it's my birthday!
+ French toast in bed, then lots of sleep
+ Lots of snuggles from my boys
+ Beautiful flowers from my husband
+ Dinner at Texas Roadhouse, including prime rib, cheese fries, and about 5 cherry cokes
+ Costco chocolate cake and Doctor Who!

So you can see, it was a pretty fantastic day. And now I'm 26. I love my birthday.

Monday, June 6


This photo was taken with my phone on June 2, 2010, on the way home from the hospital:

This picture was taken with my phone on May 31, 2011, on the way to Corbin's birthday lunch:

My baby has turned into a toddler overnight.... *tear*

Saturday, June 4


Big week. Corbin's birthday was on Tuesday, and my birthday was yesterday. I still want to do a "one year photo shoot" with Corbin, but I need to put some thought into it. I wanted to at least post about the day. It was fun!

We started out with belgian waffles...

Then a bath... still a favorite!

Then to Wheeler Farms after a nap, in his brand new booster seat!

...where he tried some KFC Macaroni & Cheese....

...and saw some animals...

...including this man-eating horse:
(I have a picture of this horse trying to bite us, but I think it looks ridiculous so I'm not sharing. Brit made me keep it. Stupid mean horse.)

After another short nap, we headed up to Smash Burger for a birthday dinner of chicken strips and fries and shake!

...he mostly ate the fries.

But Mom and Dad enjoyed the birthday dinner too!

I promise he did smile at some point during the day. But he was pretty blasé about the whole thing. I guess that's how it goes with one-year-olds and birthdays! I certainly enjoyed myself, and that's really what counts, isn't it?

Friday, June 3

Yes, I am a Birth Mom

Every time I check my reader stats on Google (which is admittedly rare), I see visits from places I never expected, and these inevitably turn out to be through links on adoption/birth mom sites. So, I guess people are coming here expecting to see the blog of a birth mom? If it were me, I would be very disappointed in this mediocre, not-at-all-related-to-adoption blog.

It's true, I'm a birth mom. I had a beautiful little girl, Isabelle, over 5 years ago now. For a long time, I talked about it and thought about it almost constantly. At that point you probably could have visited my blog and realized this is a part of my life. I still love Isabelle, she's still a big part of my heart, but that's just not a big part of my life anymore. I've moved on. It's something that happens in a healthy, well-adjusted adoption relationship. We're all happy. Isabelle is growing and thriving, I'm married (to the birth father, as a matter of fact), and we have a baby who just turned one. I have other things to think about now. Every once in a while, you may see a random post about a random visit with a stunningly beautiful and clever little girl. But that's probably all that will come up about adoption from now on.

So, I'm sorry if you're looking for a "birth mother" blog, this probably isn't it. On the other hand, if you do have questions or want to talk about it, I'd be more than happy!!! I honestly do love talking about it, and feeling like I'm helping people through my experiences. Feel free to email me: jenandbrit {at} gmail {.} com