Friday, April 29

Wednesday, April 27

Cute Things My Kid Does

We went to the pool today with Brit's brother and sister-in-law. I knew Corbin was a fan of the water from his baths, and I was super excited to see how he did in a pool. And I wasn't disappointed! This kid is a FISH!! He went nuts splashing around in the 5-inch deep kiddie pool section, and then decided he wanted to go somewhere else... so he leaned right over and started crawling through the water. He got more than one face-full of pool, but just coughed it out and kept going. His hair was soaked within 5 minutes, just from the splashes. His favorite was when daddy would grab his arms and drag him through the water on his back, in the "deep" (8 inch) end. I cannot wait to bring him to Florida in 2 weeks and spend every day at the beach and in the pool.

Later, on our way home (after grabbing In-N-Out with the in-laws... yesss), we had turned the radio down on Cake's "Short Skirt Long Jacket" so I could make a phone call. After a minute, Corbin started yelling. Brit assumed he was over-tired, I said he was just mad we hadn't turned the song back up yet. Sure enough, after I turned the volume back up, he was fine. What can I say? My kid has good taste. :)

I never did Corbin's 10-month update. I didn't have any new measurements, and I was distracted with our trip to Colorado. By now, I can't remember what happened during March specifically, but I'll try to remember what was new when we were in CO:

~He's crawling everywhere, and pulling himself up on furniture, and walking along said furniture. Nothing can keep this kid contained!!
~He's trying pretty much anything Mom eats. He tried baby food chicken and turkey by the end of the month, and his favorite is Chicken Noodle (stage 2, not the chunky kind.... he gags on chunky baby food, but not on adult food. Weirdo!) He's also started feeding himself cheerios and puffs and goldfish. Finger-foods are now a regular part of his diet.
~He tried the swings while we were in Colorado, and he loved it!

A couple of videos from this month:

March 8: Corbin's early crawling. He could get around, but he's still working on it here. To get him to crawl toward me, I just had to put my laptop on the ground. That got him moving real quick!!

March 25: Corbin's adorable laugh.

Friday, April 1

Good Advice

This is why you should take your contacts out more than once every 10 days. And probably should clean off your eye makeup before bed once in a while, too.

[I have a raging infection in my right eye. I have to put in eye drops every 2 hours for 2 days, then every 4 hours for 5 days. Yikes! And apparently, if it doesn't start clearing up by tomorrow, I have to go see an ophthalmologist. Hardcore. No fun. Trust me.]