Friday, August 13

I'm a bad mom!

Corbin will need therapy some day because I never blogged his monthly milestones. I didn't even start doing "watch me grow" pictures until his 2nd month. Basically, I'm just copying my sister-in-law in everything I do (she just posted her girl's 1 month post, and it reminded me). I am trying to keep a digital scrapbook, someday to be printed into a real scrapbook. Does that make up for it?

Corbin at 2 Months:
...12 lbs 13 oz, 77th percentile (up from 46)
...25 in. long, 95th percentile (up from 86)
...smiles regularly and easily, especially in the morning and after eating a very happy, content baby- if he cries, it's because he needs to eat or go down for a nap. Very easy to figure out. sleeping for 5 hours stretches at night. starting to coo, gurgle, and talk. His favorite word is "goo."
...has cleared up his crazy baby acne.
...absolutely loves to spit up on daddy, and smile big like he just did something fantastic. just meeting his cousins from my side, and seriously adores them. They can always make him smile. fantastic at playing by himself.
...likes playing peek-a-boo. ticklish on his feet.
...only falls asleep after he buries his face into your arm, and then usually tries to bury his face into something in his crib. But for some reason, a blanket or burp cloth laid over the eyes is unacceptable.
...loves bed time, and will easily fall asleep and stay asleep. Unfortunately, he's pretty obviously a morning person, because he will also wake up bright and early, and sometimes talk to himself in his crib for a while before he starts crying. Not a good sign for his night-owl parents.

Some other fun pictures from the second month:

This is Bree and JoAnn Righetti (holding Corbin). JoAnn Righetti is a loud, flamboyant, classic Italian from New Jersey, and Corbin loves her. My little Jersey Boy.

Tuesday, August 10

My life is pretty good.

I like my kids to be able to entertain themselves. This is an important skill in my mind, so every day Corbin spends a little while chilling by himself, without mommy or daddy in his face keeping him happy. Yesterday, after about 10 minutes of alone time on our bed just watching the ceiling fan, I put a perfectly content baby down for a nap. He woke up early, so after changing his diaper, I put him back to bed to finish out his regular nap time. Twenty minutes later, he still hasn't cried, so I peek in on him to make sure he's asleep... and find him staring at the ceiling, kicking and waving his arms, just talking to himself.

I seriously have the best baby in the entire world.