Friday, October 30

The Man

I got pulled over last weekend, Sunday morning driving home from work. Now, I've been pulled over before. I've gotten tickets, and deserved them. I've gotten out of tickets, and just been lucky. This, however, made me SO MAD, I can't get over it. So obviously, the solution is to rant about it on my blog. Doesn't that solve all problems? It makes me feel better, anyway.

So Sunday morning I was driving home on 215, and there was literally NOBODY OUT THERE. I was all alone on a quiet pre-dawn highway. Very pretty. But I was watching the road and not my speedometer, so coming down off a hill, I glanced down and realized I was going close to 90. Oops. It's hard to gauge how fast you're going when there's no other cars to judge by, y'know? So I immediately start braking back to 75-80 to set my cruise control (that's the average speed along that road). And of course, right as I start braking, I see a car way up in the distance ahead of me. And I get closer, and of course, it has to be a cop car. So I try backing down to 65...... too late. He pulls me over anyway. Didn't care about my story, or the fact that I was trying to slow down and set my cruise control to be safe.

But as he handed me the ticket, he carefully explained that he clocked me at 89, but since he's SUCH a nice guy, he only wrote me up for 5 over.


Thursday, October 22

Sick, but not really

I hate that in-between sick feeling. Like when you're just getting sick, and you don't really want to do anything, but you feel lazy just lying around doing nothing cos you know you're not really THAT sick. That's how I feel right now. I prefer to be all-out miserable in bed watching TV with a sippy cup (what? it's very convenient for drinking horizontally....), rather than just kinda blah but still technically well enough to do the dishes and clean out the office. Stupid dishes.

On a completely unrelated note, watch this video. It will make your day. I promise.

Wednesday, October 21


I found a lovely little tool through one of my blog-stalkees that I wanted to share. I use google reader for my blog fulfillment needs, but it has one downfall: It's all neatly displayed in a different window, which makes it rare that I make the effort to click over and comment, and equally rare that I get to see everyone's cute personalized blogs (unless you force me into it like Kristina and Boob Nazi, that is).

The new tool I've discovered is the Google "next" button. I guess the awesome people at Google understand this conundrum, because they've made a bookmarkable link that takes you from one updated blog in your reader list to another, straight to the actual blog entry. For those tech savvy people, simply click "settings" in your reader, go to the "goodies" tab, and follow the instructions. For people who need a little more help, a detailed tutorial with pictures can be found here. Enjoy! And expect to see more comments from me in the future!

Monday, October 19

The Sickness

My digestive system has been rebelling against me of late. It's like, "I'm fine.... I'm fine..... I'm fine.... I'M GOING TO VOMIT IF I DON'T GET SOMETHING TO EAT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!" It's so ridiculous! I am not pleased. Seriously, Stomach, get it together. This is unacceptable.

Tuesday, October 13

More reasons I hate Comcast.

For some reason, when I'm trying to slowly fast forward through the Biggest Loser recap in the middle of the show, my lovely Comcast DVR decides what I really wanted to do after a few seconds was skip ahead to live TV recording in the MIDDLE OF THE WEIGH IN. Thanks for the spoiler alert. Freaking comcast. I hate you.

Sunday, October 11


Today was our second week in Nursery. Did I not mention that? Yeah, we got called to the nursery, in a ward with a membership of appx. 500 and a primary of appx. 200. That's right. Our kids make up half of the ward. Church is so ridiculously loud.

Anyway, I worked last night and went straight to church. It was my first time doing that and going to nursery. I slept STRAIGHT through sacrament meeting... I really don't remember a single person giving their testimony. But I woke right up when I had to deal with 15 screaming kids. I was shockingly patient for how tired I was.

My favorite part of the whole day, though, was watching Brit with a sad lonely 2 year old on each knee trying to keep them happy with a little toy panda. It made me all sorts of smiley. He's gonna be such a great dad someday.