Wednesday, October 21


I found a lovely little tool through one of my blog-stalkees that I wanted to share. I use google reader for my blog fulfillment needs, but it has one downfall: It's all neatly displayed in a different window, which makes it rare that I make the effort to click over and comment, and equally rare that I get to see everyone's cute personalized blogs (unless you force me into it like Kristina and Boob Nazi, that is).

The new tool I've discovered is the Google "next" button. I guess the awesome people at Google understand this conundrum, because they've made a bookmarkable link that takes you from one updated blog in your reader list to another, straight to the actual blog entry. For those tech savvy people, simply click "settings" in your reader, go to the "goodies" tab, and follow the instructions. For people who need a little more help, a detailed tutorial with pictures can be found here. Enjoy! And expect to see more comments from me in the future!


Kristina P. said...

I know, I suck. I do that because I update my sidebar so much, and I need everyone to see my fabulous Snuggie picture of the week. That can be you!!

The Boob Nazi said...

ooo thanks for the tip. I do it so I can see everyone who reads my blog. haha

heather said...

Wow - I love this! Thanks for passing it on!