Saturday, July 12

Amusement in Parks

I had Tuesday and Wednesday off this week, oddly enough. I was THRILLED, though, because with Brit's newfound freedom, this meant we could actually hang out with some of our favorite married friends who we never get to see anymore (he works at Walmart, she's a waitress, so weekends off are non-existant for them). We made plans to go to the zoo and then Lagoon, but only Lagoon happened cos we were running late.

I haven't been there in forever. It was a little disappointing, compared to a place like Six Flags, but we still had tons of fun. I felt bad for Brit... we left him behind a few times, because he hates roller coasters, but that was only for a few rides. We spent a good chunk of the day in the water park, and he had fun there. We goofed off, ate lots of junk food, took silly pictures, and just had a grand old time. I'll stop boring you with detailed descriptions and just get to the silly pictures. :)

I love this picture the best... It was the mural at the entrance to the TerroRide. Big scary monsters... mummy, werewolf, skeletons and.... a black guy? o.O

Saturday, July 5

Breaking Dawn

The obsession reaches new heights...

Stephenie Meyer's new book Breaking Dawn comes out August 2nd. To my immense surprise, while at Costco the other day, I found that the new "Special Edition" copies of Eclipse include a first chapter preview of the new book. So of course I proceeded to spend the next five minutes wandering around Costco with my nose buried in the back of the book, squealing and skipping like a school girl. Ben and Jessie mocked me. About halfway through the chapter, I felt bad that I was ignoring my friends who were shopping with me (or rather, I with them), so I reassured myself that the chapter would be posted online and set the book down.

Well, it wasn't. I rushed home and rushed onto Stephenie's official website, to be met with an announcement that they were waiting for the release of the book to publish the preview online. WHY?! I googled and googled, but they were efficient at upholding their copyright and taking down anyone who tried to share the goodness. So what do you do in a situation like this?

A normal person would resign themselves to wait until the book came out and read the whole thing.

I got up and drove 2 blocks to Barnes & Noble just to finish the chapter.

And it was good.