Friday, March 25

It's time to eat, eat, eat, what a treat!

Corbin's first foray into the world of cheerios was a wild success. He's been such a good eater out here!

Tuesday, March 22

Saturday, March 19

Sunday, March 13

9 months

It's been a rough month. But that's ok, because guess what? Corbin is 

9 months! Wow! He has now been out longer than he's been in. What a big boy.

Corbin is:
23 lbs (88%)
31 inches (99%)

Firmly in the realm of 12-18m shirts, and 9-12m pants
Thoroughly crawling, and pulling himself up to stand
Holding his own bottles (finally!!)

He's just getting 4 teeth on top, which means he is QUITE the pill lately.
He no longer enjoys going on the changing table, but he does still like being naked. He just gets too hot too quickly. In fact, I don't think he's worn a real coat all winter. Definitely takes after his dad there.
He's eating solid foods 2-3 times a day (depending on if mommy or daddy is feeding him), and is much more tolerant of them
Foods Corbin has tried so far:
Green beans, peas, squash, sweet potato, banana, apple sauce, pears
sweet chili/cheddar Quaker rice snacks
french fries
string cheese

I think Corbin's favorites are still squash, and "sweet chili" Quaker rice snacks. These are the first ones he's ever eaten with any sort of eagerness, and although he's more tolerant of more foods lately, I think those are still the favorites. What a random kid.

He is a mover lately! It was an adventure trying to get him to sit still for his 9 month pictures. These are some of the outtakes:

And some other random favorites from the month:

Tuesday, March 8

You WISH you had a husband like mine...

I almost cried today right in the middle of Costco. Actually, let's be honest here, tears literally filled my eyes. But I didn't let them fall. Much.

I've been pretty depressed lately. I'm not sure why, but it's been rough... but that's not the point of the story. I convinced Brit to go on a Costco run, not because we actually needed anything, just because I tend to enjoy browsing through Costco (and eating samples). We passed through the electronics first, and Brit convinced me to get another external hard drive. La la la, browsing through the rest of the store, until right at the end we pass by the little floral stand. "Aw, I want some flowers," I mention in passing. But the cheap ($9) bouquets were all... less than desirable. And the really good ones were $20, and that's more than I thought we could spend, especially considering I had updated Quicken just that morning and was still depressed over the results. After a few moments, Brit took his fancy 2 TB hard drive out of the cart, picked my favorite bouquet, and said "There- now we're saving money!"

And that's when I teared up. I love my husband.