Monday, December 22

What We've Been Up To

Well, school is done. I'm pretty sure I passed. I know I did fabulous on my nursing final and my independent case study, which I'm very proud of myself for. My stupid government class (I think that's the official name) is questionable, but I'm about 90% sure I passed that one. So now I just have to wait forever until grades are posted and I find out for sure.

In the meantime, we've been terribly productive setting up The Ultimate Distractor. Definitely what we needed in life. I was on my way home from work at 6 AM on black friday, stopping by a few stores to see if there was anything worth buying. I found something.

Our baby. Our brand new 60 inch HD DLP television. It's pretty sexy. And it actually clears up a lot of space in our living room, compared to our previous DI behemoth. For comparison purposes...



(Please excuse the messy living room. We can't seem to keep it clean for more than a day.)

Brit managed to get all our systems AND the computer hooked up to it. He's useful like that. I'm enjoying a day of vegging in pajama pants watching useless tv while a blizzard rages. Good day.

What I've learned so far from HD: Hugh Laurie has a scar on his neck. Did you know that? I didn't. HD is sexy.

Tuesday, December 16

Going in a new direction

I have been busy lately. And I still am. I'm almost done with school, but once that's over, I have to catch up on all the things I've been ignoring. For now, I'll leave you with this wonderful piece of news:

See that? Yeah. That's gonna be me. Except... probably not as pretty. But I *will* be the nurse working with little babies! That's right, I got a job at Primary Children's Medical Center, in Infant Med/Surg. The preem-o children's hospital of Utah! It's a fabulous career move, and I'm incredibly excited. And scared out of my mind, when I realize that I've now taken a job that REQUIRES me to pass the NCLEX the first time. AAAAH! But I can't think about that now. Right now I have to pass my Government final. So I guess I'd better go study.


Tuesday, December 9

A comment, a post, whatever

Kristina P. said...

Jen, where have you been, you busy girl?!?

One word: Finals.

Ok, a few more words: it's the last week of MY LAST SEMESTER OF NURSING SCHOOL. I finished my last class today. But now I have 48 hours to finish my big last case study and my clinical journal, and then a few more days to study for both class finals on Monday/Tuesday. And I just finished a lot more last-minute paperwork and stuff. Don't worry, we'll be back to our regular programming next week.

But boy I feel loved. :)

Monday, December 1

"What the...?" Product of the Day

Designer hospital gowns for women in labor :

Cute? Yes. Functional? Maybe. Smart? Well, that depends if you've ever seen a delivery. If you knew what got on your hospital gown and sheets during the labor and delivery process, and even afterwards until you go home, I don't think anyone would ever spend $50 on something to wear during the process. My goodness. I'm 90% sure that their only customers must be first-time moms who have no idea what they're getting themselves into.