Monday, March 23

My job is so hard...

Man. My job is rough. Last night, for example, I had to hold a 2 month old little girl and rock her to sleep. And make an adorable bow to paste on her head so she wasn't so sad and naked.

It's a tough life.

Thursday, March 19

Strange things are happening!

I've been very intense about going to the gym lately. As part of this recent kick, I decided to give the Couch to 5k plan another shot. I have always HATED running. Absolutely despised it.

At this point, though, I'm on week 2 and actually find myself enjoying it. I'm taking it slowly, and I'm very much tied to the treadmill to keep my pace steady, and the podcast to tell me when to switch from running to walking, but during those 90 second interval runs, I actually find myself smiling. Tonight I didn't even look down at the timer once during the runs. I could have kept going when the blessed voice told me to slow down and walk. I'm excited to keep going on this program.

Eventually, I aspire to be off the treadmill and running around BYU campus. Like one of those adorable coeds with my ipod, and cute little hotpants with BYU plastered across the bum, and of course the matching tank top. Or maybe just a sports bra. Yeah, just a sports bra is definitely more runner-friendly.

Thursday, March 12

Totally Glam Rock

For the past 5 and a half years, I've been prohibited from doing fun stuff to my look because of various school rules. First BYU, then nursing school dress codes. Well, I'm out of school and I have an awesome job, so I splurged yesterday and went out and did something FUN:

I love it to pieces.

Unfortunately, something tragic happened. I spent the entire day surrounded by people who have been around me for at least several months. My personal trainer, the people in my residency class, the teacher of my residency class, my best freinds... And, NOBODY SAID A SINGLE WORD!!!!!!!!!!


So. Friends. Tell me what you think. I know you love it. Tell me so. I DEMAND EXTERNAL VALIDATION.

Wednesday, March 4

Monday, March 2

Going to meet my doom...

I'm about to go take the test that decides my fate as a nurse.

Given my recent practice test scores, if I pass, it will be purely by divine intervention.

Pray for me.