Friday, February 29

My Dream Home

I've been in an especially girly mood lately. I've been browsing for all my "future furniture" that I'll probably never get but it's fun to browse and plan my dream home. The girliness culminated when, as I was browsing apartments for rent, I found my PERFECT HOUSE, in miniature. The paint and everything is just how I imagine. So I'm going to share my whimsical fantasies with my captivated readers.

First, the apartment itself. I see hardwood floors, big open spaces, two-toned paint. I'm seeing a reddish-brown kitchen with all-black appliances. In short, i'm seeing THIS:

Except with a little more red in the kitchen walls. In truth, the bedroom is the only other area I really thought about, and brit put his opinions in too. We agreed on this bed:

And the headboard to match:

Although, really, I wouldn't spend the money on a headboard like that. It's far too easy to build. Heck, it's just the right-size bookcase at the head of the bed! The nightstands and dressers I'm not too specific about... Just, obviously, matching and staying in the theme of black. Such as:



I'm not even sure if those are black. But it works for this. I think, with all this black furniture, I'd do light, maybe white or off-white walls, and a large, deep red or green area rug.

And not that the mattress has anything to do with interior decorating, but we're pretty set on splurging on a fabulous mattress like this:

...and i just find it amusing that we're looking at a $600 bed with a $1400 mattress. And the mattress is the part you eventually have to replace!

As for the living room and other areas of the house.... I won't go searching for more pictures. Except for the sofa. I want nice, comfy, overstuffed furniture, and a sectional sofa. I like this one:

...but I'd really prefer if we could find something that matches the green leather recliner Brit already has. I'm quite attached to this chair. The only other thing we looked at was entertainment centers, and we couldn't find the perfect one. Brit wants black with on-top seating for the giant flatscreen TV he thinks we're gonna have, and I want lots of storage space.

Anyway, I doubt we'll ever be able to afford to furnish my dream home, but it's a nice way to waste time and avoid doing homework.

Friday, February 22


Tagged by Emilia...

The rules:
  • Find the book closest to you with at least 123 pages.
  • Turn to page 123.
  • Find the fifth sentence.
  • Post the next 3 sentences.
  • Tag 5 people.
The book technically closest to me is my husband's... The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck, M.D. (sounds interesting, no?)

"Given the chance, a first-grader will talk almost incessantly. How can parents deal with this never-ending chatter? Perhaps the easiest way is to forbid it. Believe it or not, there are families in which the children are virtually not allowed to talk, in which the dictum 'Children should be seen and not heard' applies twenty-four hours a day."

Hm. That was amusing.

Unfortunately, i only know of 2 people who read this blog, and one of them tagged me. So wendy, you're tagged if you feel like playing, but I pretty much just fail at this game.

The Weekend in Review

Yes, my wrist is still broken. And yes, this is a long, arduous, one-handed pain in the rear, but thats how important blogging is to me. So you'd best appreciate.

This weekend was totally focused around my beautiful baby niece Sara. Her blessing was the whole reason we went up there in the first place, but since everyone seems to want to know the details of the Broken Wrist Saga, I'll start there. We went up to Jordan and Cassie's house on Friday night pretty much for the sole purpose of going skiing with them early saturday morning. It was a whole big family event, and really a lot of fun. But since me and Brit are poor newlyweds, we decided to not buy our own lift tickets (I cant last long anyway). So we set up camp in a comfy corner of the lodge and watched the kids, along with Cassie's mom and grandma, for the morning. I was having a ball. Jordan and Cassie got back around noon to eat and feed the baby, and me and Brit took their lift tickets for a couple of easy snowboarding runs. Or so i thought. The terrain was terrible to begin with- all cattracks and steep hills- and I was hot and uncomfortable in too many layers. I can hardly remember ever being so miserable. So i was falling every few feet, already had a bruise on my bum, and was ready to be done before we even began. But Brit told me to suck it up and make it to the bottom of the hill, so i tried. Going down one of those steep hills, i tried turning the "right" way, and caught and edge and went down HARD. The first thing I remember thinking is that my head hurt so bad I wasn't sure i could make it the rest of the way. Then I realized I couldn't move my hand and i had shooting pains coming from my wrist, and it was all screaming/crying from that point on. Poor brit ran back up the mountain to get help-- not an easy feat. The rest of the story is somewhat boring. The put me in a sled and brought me to the clinic, drugged me up so i couldn't feel a thing, put my hand in a chinese finger trap contraption to stretch the bone back into place (axial traction), splinted it and sent me home. It took a long time because they were so busy, but it was mostly waiting around. And crying. Gary got some good pictures, though. I apologize for the weak-stomached, but it must be shared and there's no way to censor the pictures on blogspot. So that's my cool story of my first ever broken bone. I should be telling people it happened doing some cool jump with a 180-twist type thing, but i can't pull off that amount of cool.

So now, on to the good stuff. Sara was blessed Sunday afternoon, and it was beautiful. Pictures to follow at the end of the post. I felt distinctly underdressed in my t-shirt, slightly high on lortab, but i think i was forgiven. Sara was so sweet in her little white blessing dress.... which she poo'd all over and had to change in the first 20 minutes. Much to my utter delight, she was changed into the black and white dress i bought her when she was born. It was the first time I'd seen her in it-- ADORABLE!!!!!! The blessing was finished fairly quickly, but the guests stayed around for hours afterward eating the delicious soups casssie made and visiting and playing games. It was ridiculous amounts of fun for all.

Monday was more toned down, with just us and Brit's parents left visiting at the house. We had a laid-back day, finished off with an AMAZING casual burgers-and-fries dinner at a little gas station restaurant on our way home. I think i was the only one who enjoyed it that much, though.... the lortab may have been playing games with my tastebuds. But it was my best meal all weekend. All month, i'd say. All in all, it was a spectacular weekend, broken wrist aside. Enjoy the pictures of my stinking cute niece and nephew and random extended family.

Sunday, February 17

Friday, February 15

A Special Gift

Late last night, me and Brit were talking and being silly, as per usual. I don't remember what started it, but he grabbed my face and tried to kiss me, and I tried to pull away and resist; an old game. As per usual, my held-in laugh came out in a sudden snorted giggle.... and this time, Brit got caught in the crossfire. He was totally grossed out that I had spit all over him, and I couldn't stop laughing long enough to reveal the harsh truth: I'd been sick, and I was still congested, and what he thought was spit was actually part of the explosion of snot i was wiping from my nose.

I couldn't stop laughing for a good five minutes. I think we're fighting.

A Totally Awesomely Rad Valentine's Day

I don't usually say rad... I think it's because I just read an email from Wendy...

Anywho. Yesterday was Valentine's day. Now, I like to pretend that I'm all tough-chick and not into those "sappy, consumer-whore holidays" like Valentine's Day, but let's face it-- I'm a girl. I love the romance, the being cared for, and I LOVE experiencing Valentine's Day with a husband who I can be silly and sappy with all day long! It was a day of ooey gooey romance, and I loved it.

It started out with me waking him up at 8 am before school (poor guy) to give him my V-day pre-gift. It was fabulous. I'm so proud of myself. An appropriately crass card, and a "box of chocolates." Now, Brit doesn't particularly love chocolates, and he's so picky that if you gave him chocolates with any sort of surprise inside he'd be sure to hate it. So when he opened this heart-shaped box, expecting chocolate he probably wouldn't eat, it was FILLED with his absolute favorite candy- gummy bears! I am so sneaky. (AND i get to eat all the Lindt milk chocolate truffles myself... talk about a win-win.)

School took up my entire morning, but we jumped right back into being newlyweds when I got home. Brit popped out his vday contribution- a silly card (because the sappy ones are just too much even for me), a GIANT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE, and a soft, fluffy fake rose. Very sweet. He also made me a decadent dinner that night- steak and mozzarella sticks and garlic french bread and mashed potatoes. Fabulous. Not a vegetable to be seen, of course. It was pure indulgance. We watched Monk and Deal or No Deal (trying to figure out the algorithm they use for the offers... i KNOW there is one, i'll find it eventually!) and finally Lost. He said he planned on lighting candles and making a picnic on the floor, but I was in the living room- it was still a sweet thought. He got points for that.

We finished the night by watching Star Trek and going to bed early. A perfect evening, if you ask me. And my opinion is the only one that matters here.

Tuesday, February 12

Regression to Toddlerhood

I've been sick and miserable for the past 5 days. I'm not often sick, so when I am, it's really the end of the world. Even with my melodrama, though, it was pretty bad-- aches and pains, congestion, sore throat, nausea, exhaustion, basically everything short of a fever, and I'm not entirely sure I never had one of those.

Brit has been superb the entire time. I couldn't ask for a better nurse. He's forced me to eat, gotten drugs and chicken soup, and even bought me a sippy cup at my request. Though not without some strange looks. Really, though, it's my favorite thing of all. Have you ever tried drinking something while lying flat on your back? It's not a pretty picture. Toddlers have it right with this sippy-cup idea.

The worst part about being sick as an adult, I think, is the fact that life can no longer stop while you lie miserable in bed. I've had two exams and a quiz over the weekend, none of which i felt up to doing. And now I have the homework I've put off that I need to do for thursday. It's not fair, really. I feel like I'm dying. Can't I just die in peace?

I'm feeling better, though. Mostly the drugs, probably. But Brit forced me to go to the Student Health Center, and to my surprise, they didn't make me feel like a melodramatic fool with an overblown cold. I got my antibiotics, my decongestants, and something to open up my chest from "mild bronchitis." At least I won't have to miss out on family fun this weekend. That's the only reason I agreed to go in the first place.

Sunday, February 10

Another test post.

Can I offer you a penny for your thoughts? As a matter of fact…how about three? One penny for you, one penny for me, and one penny for our minds engaged sexually. Getting intimately closer as we approach the, climactic altitude of nude, mental, sensational…conversation! Because I’m trying to get to know everything about you from the neck…UP! So these are not your typical, sexual, poetical, prose. I’m trying to close the door on that all too familiar, freaky, foreplay game, with which most guys have chose to approach you. While they’re trying to get deeply imbedded in the fine fibers of your bed sheets, I’m trying to find and define the fibers with which your mind speaks. I want to engage you…by putting a two karat solitaire diamond on your mind and marrying your every thought! I want to lick every inch of every crevasse, so I can get an oral fix from each orifice, and taste your passionate imagination.

I’m chasing away, and erasing the play, that these all the same cats, having no game cats, and chatting unfulfilled claim cats, have long since promised you about unseen mental foreplay dreams turned into nightmares, exposing their true intentions of them trying only to get right where, you hide your sections of unmention. But tonight there’ll be no sexual tension, as I start undressing and exposing your Victoria “cerebral"? Secrets, and where you keep this, long overlooked, and for-granted-took, section of your body, that oddly enough is on display every day…as long as someone takes the time to find…your mind! And I’m the one who likes to take risks, so lets get to commencing the unprotected sexing of your mental sections. So we can move forward towards a status of indiscretion. Because rather than tip-towing around, I’d rather get to knowing the sound of sweet conversation as we lay naked and exposed, face to face, and just…talk. Rather than knowing what makes your nature rise, I’d rather know who raised you right. So tell me about your mother, your father, your grandmother, and brothers; your sisters, and aunts, and all the horrors that haunt your past. Then tell me about those dreams for the future, and those goals that will carry you so far that 20 years from now I’ll look back and say “damn! I’m glad I new her…"?

I’d rather be naked and exposed, holding you, as we’re lying and you’re crying, while confiding and describing, the tough times you had in life, and how you don’t know if you can keep a relationship long enough to be somebody’s wife! I wanna feel the heartbeat of all your inner rhythms, as they lead me towards your warm, wet, waterfalls, of feminine thoughts, and I’ll swim within em’. From backstrokes, to breaststrokes, I’m penetrating every entrance to your mind. Taking my time to find out everything about you. Did I ever tell you about how you, fell asleep in my presence, and your mere essence, kept me up for hours as I cowered with this feeling of a sexually unadulterated mental connection? And as you laid by my side, I pushed my blinds aside, and took the time in the moonlight of that night, to count 72 eyelashes on the upper eyelid of your right eye; because as you sleep, your eyes remain open slightly. And while we, probably moved to quickly into some sexual *bleep*, I’ve always cared more about the explicitly illicitness that came from between your lips…meaning your voice. So now I’m standing here…ready to trade in all the sexual acts that we’ve performed, for the chance to reform the very foundation, and basis, of this relationship.So I reiterate my opening statement…and I offer you, another penny…for your thoughts.

Poetical Gemineye