Sunday, February 10

Another test post.

Can I offer you a penny for your thoughts? As a matter of fact…how about three? One penny for you, one penny for me, and one penny for our minds engaged sexually. Getting intimately closer as we approach the, climactic altitude of nude, mental, sensational…conversation! Because I’m trying to get to know everything about you from the neck…UP! So these are not your typical, sexual, poetical, prose. I’m trying to close the door on that all too familiar, freaky, foreplay game, with which most guys have chose to approach you. While they’re trying to get deeply imbedded in the fine fibers of your bed sheets, I’m trying to find and define the fibers with which your mind speaks. I want to engage you…by putting a two karat solitaire diamond on your mind and marrying your every thought! I want to lick every inch of every crevasse, so I can get an oral fix from each orifice, and taste your passionate imagination.

I’m chasing away, and erasing the play, that these all the same cats, having no game cats, and chatting unfulfilled claim cats, have long since promised you about unseen mental foreplay dreams turned into nightmares, exposing their true intentions of them trying only to get right where, you hide your sections of unmention. But tonight there’ll be no sexual tension, as I start undressing and exposing your Victoria “cerebral"? Secrets, and where you keep this, long overlooked, and for-granted-took, section of your body, that oddly enough is on display every day…as long as someone takes the time to find…your mind! And I’m the one who likes to take risks, so lets get to commencing the unprotected sexing of your mental sections. So we can move forward towards a status of indiscretion. Because rather than tip-towing around, I’d rather get to knowing the sound of sweet conversation as we lay naked and exposed, face to face, and just…talk. Rather than knowing what makes your nature rise, I’d rather know who raised you right. So tell me about your mother, your father, your grandmother, and brothers; your sisters, and aunts, and all the horrors that haunt your past. Then tell me about those dreams for the future, and those goals that will carry you so far that 20 years from now I’ll look back and say “damn! I’m glad I new her…"?

I’d rather be naked and exposed, holding you, as we’re lying and you’re crying, while confiding and describing, the tough times you had in life, and how you don’t know if you can keep a relationship long enough to be somebody’s wife! I wanna feel the heartbeat of all your inner rhythms, as they lead me towards your warm, wet, waterfalls, of feminine thoughts, and I’ll swim within em’. From backstrokes, to breaststrokes, I’m penetrating every entrance to your mind. Taking my time to find out everything about you. Did I ever tell you about how you, fell asleep in my presence, and your mere essence, kept me up for hours as I cowered with this feeling of a sexually unadulterated mental connection? And as you laid by my side, I pushed my blinds aside, and took the time in the moonlight of that night, to count 72 eyelashes on the upper eyelid of your right eye; because as you sleep, your eyes remain open slightly. And while we, probably moved to quickly into some sexual *bleep*, I’ve always cared more about the explicitly illicitness that came from between your lips…meaning your voice. So now I’m standing here…ready to trade in all the sexual acts that we’ve performed, for the chance to reform the very foundation, and basis, of this relationship.So I reiterate my opening statement…and I offer you, another penny…for your thoughts.

Poetical Gemineye