Friday, February 29

My Dream Home

I've been in an especially girly mood lately. I've been browsing for all my "future furniture" that I'll probably never get but it's fun to browse and plan my dream home. The girliness culminated when, as I was browsing apartments for rent, I found my PERFECT HOUSE, in miniature. The paint and everything is just how I imagine. So I'm going to share my whimsical fantasies with my captivated readers.

First, the apartment itself. I see hardwood floors, big open spaces, two-toned paint. I'm seeing a reddish-brown kitchen with all-black appliances. In short, i'm seeing THIS:

Except with a little more red in the kitchen walls. In truth, the bedroom is the only other area I really thought about, and brit put his opinions in too. We agreed on this bed:

And the headboard to match:

Although, really, I wouldn't spend the money on a headboard like that. It's far too easy to build. Heck, it's just the right-size bookcase at the head of the bed! The nightstands and dressers I'm not too specific about... Just, obviously, matching and staying in the theme of black. Such as:



I'm not even sure if those are black. But it works for this. I think, with all this black furniture, I'd do light, maybe white or off-white walls, and a large, deep red or green area rug.

And not that the mattress has anything to do with interior decorating, but we're pretty set on splurging on a fabulous mattress like this:

...and i just find it amusing that we're looking at a $600 bed with a $1400 mattress. And the mattress is the part you eventually have to replace!

As for the living room and other areas of the house.... I won't go searching for more pictures. Except for the sofa. I want nice, comfy, overstuffed furniture, and a sectional sofa. I like this one:

...but I'd really prefer if we could find something that matches the green leather recliner Brit already has. I'm quite attached to this chair. The only other thing we looked at was entertainment centers, and we couldn't find the perfect one. Brit wants black with on-top seating for the giant flatscreen TV he thinks we're gonna have, and I want lots of storage space.

Anyway, I doubt we'll ever be able to afford to furnish my dream home, but it's a nice way to waste time and avoid doing homework.


Emilia said...

Spend the money on the expensive mattress. SOOOOOoooooooooooooooo worth the investment. I LOVE my bed. And when I try sleeping on our old mattress which is now in the guest room (I believe you're familiar with it) I wonder how we ever slept on that bed. Really. I have been very happy to have a fabulous bed and live with the Goodwill dresser and your old nightstand for furniture in the room.

Jen said...

How long have you had it? Dont they wear down eventually?

Emilia said...

We bought our mattress when we first moved 3.5 years ago.

They say you should replace your mattress every ten years.

I assume when the say "replace" they mean, stick in the guest room for all of your in-laws to sleep on or give it to one of your kids.

whitty-acres said...

Yes I agree- get a really nice mattress. The sleep you get at night is better than life itself.

But HEY, how did you get pictures of all my furniture for the new house? Sneaky sneaky.