Friday, February 22

The Weekend in Review

Yes, my wrist is still broken. And yes, this is a long, arduous, one-handed pain in the rear, but thats how important blogging is to me. So you'd best appreciate.

This weekend was totally focused around my beautiful baby niece Sara. Her blessing was the whole reason we went up there in the first place, but since everyone seems to want to know the details of the Broken Wrist Saga, I'll start there. We went up to Jordan and Cassie's house on Friday night pretty much for the sole purpose of going skiing with them early saturday morning. It was a whole big family event, and really a lot of fun. But since me and Brit are poor newlyweds, we decided to not buy our own lift tickets (I cant last long anyway). So we set up camp in a comfy corner of the lodge and watched the kids, along with Cassie's mom and grandma, for the morning. I was having a ball. Jordan and Cassie got back around noon to eat and feed the baby, and me and Brit took their lift tickets for a couple of easy snowboarding runs. Or so i thought. The terrain was terrible to begin with- all cattracks and steep hills- and I was hot and uncomfortable in too many layers. I can hardly remember ever being so miserable. So i was falling every few feet, already had a bruise on my bum, and was ready to be done before we even began. But Brit told me to suck it up and make it to the bottom of the hill, so i tried. Going down one of those steep hills, i tried turning the "right" way, and caught and edge and went down HARD. The first thing I remember thinking is that my head hurt so bad I wasn't sure i could make it the rest of the way. Then I realized I couldn't move my hand and i had shooting pains coming from my wrist, and it was all screaming/crying from that point on. Poor brit ran back up the mountain to get help-- not an easy feat. The rest of the story is somewhat boring. The put me in a sled and brought me to the clinic, drugged me up so i couldn't feel a thing, put my hand in a chinese finger trap contraption to stretch the bone back into place (axial traction), splinted it and sent me home. It took a long time because they were so busy, but it was mostly waiting around. And crying. Gary got some good pictures, though. I apologize for the weak-stomached, but it must be shared and there's no way to censor the pictures on blogspot. So that's my cool story of my first ever broken bone. I should be telling people it happened doing some cool jump with a 180-twist type thing, but i can't pull off that amount of cool.

So now, on to the good stuff. Sara was blessed Sunday afternoon, and it was beautiful. Pictures to follow at the end of the post. I felt distinctly underdressed in my t-shirt, slightly high on lortab, but i think i was forgiven. Sara was so sweet in her little white blessing dress.... which she poo'd all over and had to change in the first 20 minutes. Much to my utter delight, she was changed into the black and white dress i bought her when she was born. It was the first time I'd seen her in it-- ADORABLE!!!!!! The blessing was finished fairly quickly, but the guests stayed around for hours afterward eating the delicious soups casssie made and visiting and playing games. It was ridiculous amounts of fun for all.

Monday was more toned down, with just us and Brit's parents left visiting at the house. We had a laid-back day, finished off with an AMAZING casual burgers-and-fries dinner at a little gas station restaurant on our way home. I think i was the only one who enjoyed it that much, though.... the lortab may have been playing games with my tastebuds. But it was my best meal all weekend. All month, i'd say. All in all, it was a spectacular weekend, broken wrist aside. Enjoy the pictures of my stinking cute niece and nephew and random extended family.


ryan and heather said...

Yay!! Thank you so much for posting pictures!! I love seeing everyone - and I'm glad it was such a good weekend even with the broken wrist! You are amazing to have to deal with that and say how much you had a good time overall! I'm glad you're doing well!! Love you guys!!

whitty-acres said...

eeeeew. that wrist looks painful indeed. Still weeping over that. I hope you get better soon!