Thursday, July 22


Two things I forgot about our trip to CO:

1. We discovered just how long Corbin can cry without stopping when he's DONE with being in the car. It's a very, very long time.

2. I felt like a mommy for the first time. Usually it's just me and Brit comforting Corbin, so I have nothing to make me think he "knows" us, because he's never had to deal with strangers. On our first day out there, Nonni was holding him and trying to comfort him and let me eat, but Corbin wasn't having any of it. I finally went in and took him from her, and he immediately calmed down once he was in my arms. He knows me! And better than that, he LIKES me! I'm not super excited about the clingy, mommy-only phase of childhood, but it's nice to be needed right now. I'm a mommy!!

(BTW, by the end of the week, I'm pretty sure he liked Nonni better than me....)

Happy Memories

Corbin has been so good lately. He's going down for naps regularly, going to bed as soon as I put him down without a fuss, being happy and smiley while he's awake... with just one VERY notable exception. He's been waking up every single morning 1-1.5 hrs before his designated wakeup time. Yesterday I finally gave in and adjusted his wakeup time an hour earlier... and then this morning he wakes up 1.5 hours before THAT. I can't win. I am very, very frustrated.

It's time for some happy memories.

Last week we got back from a nice long vacation in Colorado. Since I'm not working yet and Brit's done with school, I thought it would be the perfect chance to visit family, while we don't have any pressing time concerns! It was sooo much fun. I love seeing Brit's family. We went out for a belated anniversary celebration while Nonni and PopPop watched Corbin. I figured out that breastfeeding wasn't filling him up enough, and we switched to formula (he is SO much happier now!). Corbin started smiling regularly. And I took several blissful naps. I love my in-laws! I wish we didn't have to come home. Eventually, I plan on living out there.

Highlights of the week:
~Dinners at the park with the kids
~Going to the dog park with Chess and Corbin
~Date night to see Eclipse and eat at Carrabba's
~Making strawberry jam
~Eating anything I want and gaining 10 lbs (maybe that last part isn't SO much a highlight...)
~Visiting Brit's friends for 4th of July
~Watching fireworks all across the city from the deck
~Letting Nonni take Corbin at 7 am and SLEEPING IN!
~Watching the little kids try boss Chess around ("Chest! No!")
~Corbin's first real submerssive bath
~Getting Corbin to smile at every possible moment

Saturday, July 17

A Post About Poop

Well, we just got through our first Poop Crisis of parenthood. I was holding Corbin, feeding him, noticing that he smelled like he had a messy diaper. When he wasn't eating real well, I took a break to check it out.... and looked down to find neon-green poo all down his leg, on his blanket, and ON MY SHIRT.

Hilarity ensued.

I handed him to Brit, who carried him up to the bathroom as far away from bodily contact as humanly possible. I filled the sink while we passed him back and forth, trying to get his poopy clothes off and into the bathtub without getting any of it on us. Corbin was not amused. Brit somehow succeeded in staying poop-free, I managed to get it on each layer of clothing as they came off. Perhaps I should have waited to remove the shirt until AFTER we were done. Lesson learned. We plopped naked poopy baby in a full sink of water, which promptly turned disgusting. And because poopy water wasn't bad enough, he decided to pee in it too. Thanks, Corbin. At that point, I gave up and got in the shower with him. He was even less amused. But at least we both got clean.

All our clothes are in the washer, the bathtub and sink are sanitized, and Corbin is clean, dressed, and fed.

Poop crisis averted. I think we earned a gold star in parenting today. So sorry I didn't stop in the middle of it to take pictures. (Not that the thought didn't occur to me.)