Saturday, July 17

A Post About Poop

Well, we just got through our first Poop Crisis of parenthood. I was holding Corbin, feeding him, noticing that he smelled like he had a messy diaper. When he wasn't eating real well, I took a break to check it out.... and looked down to find neon-green poo all down his leg, on his blanket, and ON MY SHIRT.

Hilarity ensued.

I handed him to Brit, who carried him up to the bathroom as far away from bodily contact as humanly possible. I filled the sink while we passed him back and forth, trying to get his poopy clothes off and into the bathtub without getting any of it on us. Corbin was not amused. Brit somehow succeeded in staying poop-free, I managed to get it on each layer of clothing as they came off. Perhaps I should have waited to remove the shirt until AFTER we were done. Lesson learned. We plopped naked poopy baby in a full sink of water, which promptly turned disgusting. And because poopy water wasn't bad enough, he decided to pee in it too. Thanks, Corbin. At that point, I gave up and got in the shower with him. He was even less amused. But at least we both got clean.

All our clothes are in the washer, the bathtub and sink are sanitized, and Corbin is clean, dressed, and fed.

Poop crisis averted. I think we earned a gold star in parenting today. So sorry I didn't stop in the middle of it to take pictures. (Not that the thought didn't occur to me.)

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Cynthia said...

Great story...probably not the last time this will happen!!!! Laughter is the best response! Can't wait to see you all again!! Great new blog! Cute little boy!! xo C