Wednesday, February 16

Wednesday, February 2

another month

Dang my kid is cute.

In case you were wondering, in the month of November, I took 24 pictures of my baby (plus about 40 during our family holidays in Colorado). In the month of January, I took about 220 pictures of my baby. I would say I'm enjoying my new toy.

Corbin's new developments:
~Scooting, barely, though in a sneaky way that we can't even tell for sure how he's doing it.
~Wearing some 12-18 month clothes (and 9-12, and the occasional 6-9 still)
~Got another tooth- that's 4 total, all on the bottom (huh?)
~Started solid foods, for real this time!

Funny story there. We had been "trying solids" since the end of November, and it was always a traumatizing experience. After Corbin got sick last month, we took a little break, and tried again after about a week when he was feeling better. All of a sudden, he decided he liked it! He will now eagerly chomp down rice cereal. He has also tried:
Peas (basically likes them now)
Sweet potatoes (he's slowly getting into it)
Applesauce (gags every time)
Bananas (he likes chomping on the end of mommy's banana, but gets a "face" when he actually gets a piece in his mouth)
Usually it takes at least 20 good sessions for him to start liking (or getting used to) a flavor. This is one picky kid!!!

~Corbin Loves~
Going out, still. He can go from fussing in the car to bouncing happily in the shopping cart within 2 minutes.

Making funny faces!

Pulling hair

His binky and blanket

Plastic bags


Grabbing at Mommy's camera

We got a highchair!

After about the... fifth time Corbin fell out of his bumbo seat on top of the table (don't worry- he only almost fell off the table once. I am an awesome mom) I finally broke down and got a highchair. It makes this feeding process SO.MUCH.BETTER. Why didn't I do this sooner??