Wednesday, February 2

We got a highchair!

After about the... fifth time Corbin fell out of his bumbo seat on top of the table (don't worry- he only almost fell off the table once. I am an awesome mom) I finally broke down and got a highchair. It makes this feeding process SO.MUCH.BETTER. Why didn't I do this sooner??


Robert & Lanie Meyers said...

UGH!! We need one too.Mason wont eat in the bumbo because he likes squeezing his feet so much when they are right there in front of him. He also likes to feel the carpet and bite the tray. It just doesn't work. I thought we could get away with not having one but I think we are going to cave and get one too. Any suggestions?

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

I have the owl pack n play. Where did you get the high chair?