Wednesday, February 2

another month

Dang my kid is cute.

In case you were wondering, in the month of November, I took 24 pictures of my baby (plus about 40 during our family holidays in Colorado). In the month of January, I took about 220 pictures of my baby. I would say I'm enjoying my new toy.

Corbin's new developments:
~Scooting, barely, though in a sneaky way that we can't even tell for sure how he's doing it.
~Wearing some 12-18 month clothes (and 9-12, and the occasional 6-9 still)
~Got another tooth- that's 4 total, all on the bottom (huh?)
~Started solid foods, for real this time!

Funny story there. We had been "trying solids" since the end of November, and it was always a traumatizing experience. After Corbin got sick last month, we took a little break, and tried again after about a week when he was feeling better. All of a sudden, he decided he liked it! He will now eagerly chomp down rice cereal. He has also tried:
Peas (basically likes them now)
Sweet potatoes (he's slowly getting into it)
Applesauce (gags every time)
Bananas (he likes chomping on the end of mommy's banana, but gets a "face" when he actually gets a piece in his mouth)
Usually it takes at least 20 good sessions for him to start liking (or getting used to) a flavor. This is one picky kid!!!

~Corbin Loves~
Going out, still. He can go from fussing in the car to bouncing happily in the shopping cart within 2 minutes.

Making funny faces!

Pulling hair

His binky and blanket

Plastic bags


Grabbing at Mommy's camera


Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

Hahaha! He is so chubbilicious!

Bekah and Kyle said...

Hes such a cutie!!

Nick and Dani said...

Oh man! He's so stinkin big! I was just wondering if I should get a full highchair, today. I have a bumbo, so I thought I'd just stick with that. Unfortunately I guess that's not the best idea...

Kari said...

Good job taking so many pictures this month! He is so cute Jen! We seriously need to all get together and play with babies!

Robert & Lanie Meyers said...

SO cute! He is getting so big I can't believe it. I think one of my favorite pictures here is the bum one.

Cynthia said...

Oh my goodness he is cute and you can see his cute personality in your pictures. I need a squeeze!! xo C

Erin said...

Awww! What a sweetheart!

heather said...

Jen I LOVE how your picture quantity quadrupled in one month. It is amazing how having a nice piece of equipment can really motivate you to learn more about it! LOVE all the pictures of your little man! He is a hunk!