Thursday, January 13

My new baby!

This is my precious:

These are my accessories:


This is my #1 wishlist item:


And this, dear friends, is the blog I created to practice my photography skillz. I'm posting a photo a day (so far as you know, anyway) to just practice taking and sharing pictures. Take a look. Hopefully, it will get better with age.

I do so love this photography deal. I find myself looking forward to every event through the mindset of "Ooh! Just think of the pictures I can take!!" I'm pretty pleased with myself.

Tuesday, January 11

The Plague

It took Corbin 7 months to get really, truly sick. I think that's pretty good, for having a mom who works in the hospital and brings home all kinds of scary germs! He had a cough, fevers, ear infection, and I'm about 80% sure he had croup.

The best part: Thursday night I had to go back to work. Halfway through getting report, I get a text message from Brit saying "at what temperature should I be worried and call somebody?" ::headdesk:: You can't just leave it at that!!! I was freaking out. Turns out he had a fever of 102 (under the arm), so he got bundled up and taken to the on-call pediatrician (so glad we have one of those!!). They found the ear infection there and sent him home on antibiotics. Crisis averted, and he didn't have to go to the hospital. I really need to remember that not every sick kid goes to the hospital....

Still, my stethoscope got a lot of use for that week.

Poor, sick Biscuit....

Halfway through Corbin's week, Brit got sick, too. Poor baby. Especially since it was while I was still in the middle of my work week... 

On my way home from work one morning, I was thinking "Oh man, I am so lucky that I have such a strong immune system from working in the hospital!" Famous last words. I woke up that night with a lump in my throat, and the next day I was downed by a low-grade fever. Shivering under two down comforters and a dog. Love fevers.

Those are my eyes in there... 

Everyone is all better now. But it was a rough couple weeks.

Saturday, January 8


Can you believe how big this kid is getting?

22.2 lbs (91%)
Size 4 diapers
9-12m clothes, though we still squeeze him into some 6-9, especially jammies (mostly because we don't have enough clothes that fit him!)
Sleeping from 8pm-7:30am

Mastered rolling over and sitting up
Sprouted a new bottom (??) tooth
Started reaching for me♥♥

Corbin LOVES:
Hanging on to my necklace and leaning back
Grabbing/pulling/eating my jacket/sweatshirt strings
Bath time

Saying "Ha! Ha! Ha!" (although he stopped this recently for some reason...) and "mamamama"
Sucking/chewing on his top lip
(in hindsight, this might have been a reaction to his tooth coming in, as this is another thing he stopped doing around the middle of the month)
Playing with Chess
Baby signing time [shudder]

Making noise
Squealing while breathing in
Making big messes
(note to self: don't leave the baby alone with the cereal bowl in reach.... My bad.)
Getting out and going places
Sitting in the shopping cart like a big boy

Corbin HATES:
Anything to do with solid foods, unless it's mommy's food
Being forced to play alone by himself on the floor while mommy and daddy do interesting things on the computer
Being forced to wear his stinking cute hat

Love this kid!!