Friday, February 15

A Totally Awesomely Rad Valentine's Day

I don't usually say rad... I think it's because I just read an email from Wendy...

Anywho. Yesterday was Valentine's day. Now, I like to pretend that I'm all tough-chick and not into those "sappy, consumer-whore holidays" like Valentine's Day, but let's face it-- I'm a girl. I love the romance, the being cared for, and I LOVE experiencing Valentine's Day with a husband who I can be silly and sappy with all day long! It was a day of ooey gooey romance, and I loved it.

It started out with me waking him up at 8 am before school (poor guy) to give him my V-day pre-gift. It was fabulous. I'm so proud of myself. An appropriately crass card, and a "box of chocolates." Now, Brit doesn't particularly love chocolates, and he's so picky that if you gave him chocolates with any sort of surprise inside he'd be sure to hate it. So when he opened this heart-shaped box, expecting chocolate he probably wouldn't eat, it was FILLED with his absolute favorite candy- gummy bears! I am so sneaky. (AND i get to eat all the Lindt milk chocolate truffles myself... talk about a win-win.)

School took up my entire morning, but we jumped right back into being newlyweds when I got home. Brit popped out his vday contribution- a silly card (because the sappy ones are just too much even for me), a GIANT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE, and a soft, fluffy fake rose. Very sweet. He also made me a decadent dinner that night- steak and mozzarella sticks and garlic french bread and mashed potatoes. Fabulous. Not a vegetable to be seen, of course. It was pure indulgance. We watched Monk and Deal or No Deal (trying to figure out the algorithm they use for the offers... i KNOW there is one, i'll find it eventually!) and finally Lost. He said he planned on lighting candles and making a picnic on the floor, but I was in the living room- it was still a sweet thought. He got points for that.

We finished the night by watching Star Trek and going to bed early. A perfect evening, if you ask me. And my opinion is the only one that matters here.

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