Tuesday, October 13

More reasons I hate Comcast.

For some reason, when I'm trying to slowly fast forward through the Biggest Loser recap in the middle of the show, my lovely Comcast DVR decides what I really wanted to do after a few seconds was skip ahead to live TV recording in the MIDDLE OF THE WEIGH IN. Thanks for the spoiler alert. Freaking comcast. I hate you.


Julianne said...

So, BL is really getting on my nerves. SO MUCH DRAMA! Baa, I can't even handle it. I tried to watch it, honestly, I did, but only made it to the exit and post-show interviews.

Kari said...

Jen- So do you have to sign up or have a special box for DVR? I have a button for it on my comcast remote, but when I press it, it does nothing. Just wondering, I have never used it before.