Friday, October 30

The Man

I got pulled over last weekend, Sunday morning driving home from work. Now, I've been pulled over before. I've gotten tickets, and deserved them. I've gotten out of tickets, and just been lucky. This, however, made me SO MAD, I can't get over it. So obviously, the solution is to rant about it on my blog. Doesn't that solve all problems? It makes me feel better, anyway.

So Sunday morning I was driving home on 215, and there was literally NOBODY OUT THERE. I was all alone on a quiet pre-dawn highway. Very pretty. But I was watching the road and not my speedometer, so coming down off a hill, I glanced down and realized I was going close to 90. Oops. It's hard to gauge how fast you're going when there's no other cars to judge by, y'know? So I immediately start braking back to 75-80 to set my cruise control (that's the average speed along that road). And of course, right as I start braking, I see a car way up in the distance ahead of me. And I get closer, and of course, it has to be a cop car. So I try backing down to 65...... too late. He pulls me over anyway. Didn't care about my story, or the fact that I was trying to slow down and set my cruise control to be safe.

But as he handed me the ticket, he carefully explained that he clocked me at 89, but since he's SUCH a nice guy, he only wrote me up for 5 over.



Nathan and Shannon said...

I know exactly how you feel, and that's exactly what I think... Dick


Mary said...

the one and only time I was ever pulled over I was doing 72 in a 45. I was new to the area, it was a one way bypass road with 2 lanes. 3 other cars were pulled over along with me, and I got a ticket for doing 54 in a 45...but the cop was considering taking away my license for reckless driving. The only thing that saved me was I still had a HI license.

The Boob Nazi said...

UGH. Eff the police!

Erin said...

It must have been because it was the end of the month. My husband was pulled over a couple of days ago because he turned a corner, put on his blinker, and "went into the other lane" too quickly. What?!? Does this guy have nothing better to do with his time?

Sorry for the ticket.