Tuesday, June 7

It's my birthday!

I've been reluctant to post about my birthday because I didn't really take many pictures. Oh well, you can have a  summary anyhow.

My birthday included:
+ Work. 3 admits, 1 discharge, 1 transfer.
+ A giant tray of cafeteria junk food, including nachos, frosted brownie, soda, and chocolate-covered gummy bears
+ Telling everyone who said "hi" that it's my birthday!
+ French toast in bed, then lots of sleep
+ Lots of snuggles from my boys
+ Beautiful flowers from my husband
+ Dinner at Texas Roadhouse, including prime rib, cheese fries, and about 5 cherry cokes
+ Costco chocolate cake and Doctor Who!

So you can see, it was a pretty fantastic day. And now I'm 26. I love my birthday.


B&K said...

Happy birthday!! What a fun day!!

heather said...

looks like an awesome day! Love you!