Saturday, June 4


Big week. Corbin's birthday was on Tuesday, and my birthday was yesterday. I still want to do a "one year photo shoot" with Corbin, but I need to put some thought into it. I wanted to at least post about the day. It was fun!

We started out with belgian waffles...

Then a bath... still a favorite!

Then to Wheeler Farms after a nap, in his brand new booster seat!

...where he tried some KFC Macaroni & Cheese....

...and saw some animals...

...including this man-eating horse:
(I have a picture of this horse trying to bite us, but I think it looks ridiculous so I'm not sharing. Brit made me keep it. Stupid mean horse.)

After another short nap, we headed up to Smash Burger for a birthday dinner of chicken strips and fries and shake!

...he mostly ate the fries.

But Mom and Dad enjoyed the birthday dinner too!

I promise he did smile at some point during the day. But he was pretty blasé about the whole thing. I guess that's how it goes with one-year-olds and birthdays! I certainly enjoyed myself, and that's really what counts, isn't it?

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Cynthia said...

What a darling little boy. I am sure he had a fun day...and you did too. I can't wait to see you all!
xo C