Wednesday, May 27

Danielle Steel

Have you read any of her novels? Thoughts? Opinions?

I picked up The Long Road Home from the hospital library this weekend, and it gave me some VERY strong opinions about this author. Basically, I hate her. The book hurt my brain! She writes like a presumptuous 16 year old. It's melodramatic, extremely repetitive, and written from an irritating omnipotent POV that switches characters too much, often even mid-paragraph, and leaves you emotionally attached to noone. Her most "dramatic" parts of the book (and the whole book is supposed to be extremely dramatic) leave me rolling my eyes so hard I feel like they're going to fall out. I mean, honestly woman, how many times can you reiterate "she knew they never loved her, she knew she deserved everything she got"?

I have about 5 different books on hold from the public library right now. I think I just got past the climax of this one, and I am DONE. At least, I don't care to know what happens anymore. /shudder


Tyler said...

but, how do you really feel about her?

Mary said...

I've never wanted to read them...thanks for the heads up!!!

Emilia said...

i've read one thing by her and basically have no idea how she got to be so widely read and published. Maybe her early stuff is better. but I probably won't find out.

Brittany Marie said...

I heard she was kind of a cheap writer. I'm glad you read one so now I won't have to! :p