Thursday, May 7


We've been looking at houses for a while. I've changed my attitude about staying in utah in light of my awesome job, so I don't mind being tied down in home ownership for a few years.

It feels rather hopeless, though. Entry-level in Utah is competetive, cut-throat, and rather more expensive than I think is necessary. In exasperation, I've handed the reigns over to Brit for the main grunt work, as he is the more optimistic and picky of the two of us.

We looked at some homes in American Fork yesterday, and these are our favorites so far:

"House" #1 is actually a townhome, which rankles, but we don't have much choice in our price range unless we want something at 900 sq ft built in the 1930's. We like this one for the decent private fenced "yard" that opens directly into a HUGE common green area/park/field. It's like having a several acre yard that you don't have to mow, but you have to share. It's a little small for us, though, at 1400 sq ft.

"House" #2, also a townhome, is much bigger at 2000 sq ft, and has an unfinished basement with loads of potential. It has a master bath, which I like (but is more of a luxury than a necessity), and the "backyard" leaves much to be desired- a tiny little "fenced" thing with this weird open section to the next door neighbor's. Like it's missing a gate, but I don't even know if we'd be allowed to put a gate in there. Weird. Also, there's only one parking space.

House #3, a real house this time, is lovely and has an actual 2 car garage, very well maintained, and a fabulous fenced yard. Except, it's a house, which means it's the most expensive of the 3 and tiny (not quite 1400 sq ft). It's further from the freeway, too. And the master bedroom would probably only just fit our bed, without a frame. Brit's not a fan of the small, cramped laundry room (they had their dryer at an angle, and you had to squeeze in) but I liked that it was on the second floor with all the bedrooms.

Those are our thoughts, for anyone who might be interested. It's a frustrating process, for sure. Next trip, all the Lehi homes/townhomes. I hope we find something good in there. I'm ready to be DONE.


Kristina P. said...

I am actually all over townhouses. I don't want to have to deal with a yard.

And you would think this market would be a first time homebuyer's dream! Guess not.

Cynthia said...

It's a long sometime grueling process...but can be really fun! I think I'd keep looking. The outside is important, but is easier to fix up than a laundryroom where the washer and dryer don't fit. Hang in there...Chin up and enjoy the journey! xoC

Help Que and Brittany Adopt said...

When we were trying to move to Davis County, we had similar issues. In our price range we could only afford tiny, 900 sq. ft homes built in the 30s or... wait, that was pretty much it. :p

Good luck- and for what it's worth, I like option #2! (Mostly because I'm a sq footage whore. I have LOTS of stuff.) LOL

heather said...

I have some friends who have been looking for a first-time home now for a LONG time ... hopefully you find what you're looking for soon!! Good luck!