Tuesday, May 26

The Dreaded Annual Check-Up

I *finally* went back to The Doctor (y'know... that one...) for the first time since I got married. I'm supposed to go every year. I thought I'd wait until I got pregnant this year, but since that's probably not happening, I just made an appointment. It took me a little more than an hour, a whole 3 minutes of which I was actually in the room with the doctor. That struck me as funny.

What was really strange, though, is how she acted like she really KNEW me. I felt like I made an impression last time (y'know, two YEARS ago), and I told her all about Isabelle, but that woman must see thousands of people! For a minute I thought she was just pretending, being a good friendly midwife, but then she asked "So are you guys thinking about kids any time soon?" with no indication of thinking we had any already, even though the nurse had already asked the obligatory "How many pregnancies? How many children still living?" in her pre-check.

Anyway, I thought it was wierd. I like to believe she remembers me. I heart Heather to itty bitty pieces, and even when I'm commuting from Lehi, I plan on her being my midwife. She's so fun, and completely unconventional. The first time I met her, I think she had long black hair with blue streaks. I was instantly smitten.

There's a very small part of me that wants to get pregnant just so I have more excuses to go see her.


Kristina P. said...

She sounds fabulous!

Mary said...

I met an OBGYN like that at the hospital where I just got a job...and am considering switching insurance just to see her!