Monday, February 22

Work and Life

I've been signing up for extra shifts here and there for the mad money. On President's day, they put me on call for half the shift (the half that I would have mad holiday pay for... boo!), then come Thursday for my mandatory on-call, we're suddenly understaffed, overbooked, and almost literally shoving patients into corners. We had one baby that had to hang out in the hall until we could find a room for her. Every unit in the hospital is double bunking, and we've starting setting up rooms for 3 patients that were really only ever meant to hold 2. It's craziness! Respiratory season has officially begun. Seriously, don't bring your small children outside. Embrace the bubble. It's worth it.

This doesn't really change how much I've been working, except that I'm definitely working all the extra shifts I'm signing up for. But I'm doing it to myself. Because I'm dumb. And the money is nice. But now it's coming back to haunt me.... I came home yesterday morning (after working 4.5 shifts in one week) with a gross productive cough. I don't feel sick at all, except for the cough, and now the secondary sore throat from coughing so much. But I think I'll take a voluntary "sick day" today, and lay around and drink a lot and not do much. At least until I have to go back to work tonight. And after I walk the dog. THEN I'm totally not doing anything else all day.


Kristina P. said...

YOu take care of yourself! Being sick is the worst.

Mary said...

Our peds unit is filled to capacity with overflow GYN patients! Respiratory season is in full swing here too, there isn't a bed on either med-surg floor.

Take care of yourself, and use a couple sick days if needed. I sure miss the $ from working, but my body thanks me!