Wednesday, February 24


Well, my "mild-bronchitis but not really feeling sick anywhere else" has morphed itself into a full blown body-aching, sinus-swelling, mucous- dripping, throat-scarring something evil. And I woke up about 5 minutes too late to call out sick. Can I just tell you how miserable I am right now?

My throat is completely raw from too much coughing, to the point where I won't breathe deeply anymore because it will make me cough and it hurts too much.

My nose is red and horrid from blowing it so often with cheap tissues, made worse by having to wear masks all night and trapping it in a humid sickbreath-sauna.

My fingers and wrist are red and dry from washing my hands every time I blow my nose, which I've probably done at least once every 20 minutes.

My back and shoulders ache in that tired, sicky sort of ache that has no real source.

And let's not forget my hurting lower back, just part of the joy of being pregnant.

I cannot even tell you how excited I am to go home in 20 minutes. I am setting up a sick nest, and sleeping until Friday night.


naptime nostalgia said...

Sounds terrible! Hope you feel better soon!

Angel Wimberley said...

I hope you feel better I just got over the flu being prego and sick sucks 10x's worse

Shayla Shumaker said...

Hey you. Come to the bow party anyway! You can make them as gifts, or just come for the fun- you can bring anything you are working on, really. I would love to see you!