Friday, February 5

Reasons My Puppy Owns Your Puppy's Face

I was just talking to a friend about Chess, and realized it's been a while since I informed the general populace (who reads my blog) about why she is THE BEST PUPPY EVER IN EXISTENCE. Allow me to enlighten you. And make you jealous. You wish your dog was as cool as mine.

~ Her #1 motivation is.... us. Or people in general. As long as she gets petted and snuggled, she'll do anything you want, and is perfectly content.

~She doesn't come in our room unless she's invited. Or on the couches, or the chairs. She knows what her boundaries are and waits for us to tell her it's ok. (The giant bean bag chair is her giant dog bed, though, as far as she's concerned.)

~ I can walk her without a leash. I usually do. And she stays right by my side, even when crazy stupid neighborhood dogs are running out in the middle of the street and yapping at us.

~When we're walking without a leash, she automatically sits whenever I stop walking, and sits before kids come up to pet her.

~When Ben's 10 month old kid wants to climb all over her and pet her, she lays down so she doesn't knock him over.

~When Ben's 10 month old kid drops a tasty treat on the ground (well, throws) she listens when we tell her to leave it and just watches us pick it up with sad, hungry eyes

~ When I eat my dinner with my plate in my lap on the couch, at perfect puppy nose level, she listens when I tell her "Go away" (even though I usually have to remind her several times) and leaves my dinner alone. And watches me eat with sad, hungry eyes.

~ We never worry about her running out the door when we open it, or even leave it open. Unless she thinks she's going on a car trip, then she'll try to get to the car. But bolting is not in her vocabulary.

~ She respects the kitty's space, even though she's fifty times bigger (and the kitty is kindof a bitch).

~ She likes to learn new tricks, and gets SO EXCITED when I pull out the treats. And when she doesn't get what I'm saying, she runs through the gambit of everything she knows trying to figure it out. It's the silliest.

~ She's figuring out the "trick" that was the hardest thing for her to do not very long ago... Laying down on command, when she's not right next to us. She really struggled with this for a while, but she's doing awesome now! I'm so proud of her.

~ She's cute and little and awesome.
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Jen said...

Reasons why Picasa is not awesome: It only loaded 4 of the pictures I told it to. What's up with that? Jerks.

The Boob Nazi said...

I wuv posts about puppies.

Kristina P. said...

Maybe if we ever get a dog, we can have a puppy Dance Off.