Sunday, November 29


I had a great conversation with my favorite little girl yesterday. I was texting Wendy about something random, and she asked if I wanted to talk to Isabelle. Well, of course!

So we talked for a few minutes, she sang me a song (holy cow she's so cute), and then I said "Isabelle, do you know I love you very much?" She goes: ".....[long pause].... Can I talk to Brit now?" It was so funny. And SO HAPPY. The last few times she visited, she seemed afraid of him. So this is progress in the extreme. And I love it. And I'm pretty sure it gave Brit the warm fuzzies, too, even though he had a hard time believing that Wendy didn't prompt it (she didn't.)


Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

That is sooo cute!

Wendy said...

it was a very adorable moment, and NO brit, it was not prompted. She was staring out the car window, and suddenly asked about her birthmom's boy. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Cynthia said...

Very cute...warm fuzzies all around!! xo C