Monday, November 30

The Obligatory Holiday Post

Even though it was pretty much forever ago, I still need to make my obligatory Thanksgiving post. I was working Thursday, of course, so I spent the day sleeping and we didn't do anything to celebrate. On Saturday, however, my brother came down from Idaho and we had a small celebration together. I cooked my first ever Thanksgiving dinner.... and messed up a lot. It's hard not to focus on everything that was wrong (the turkey was dry, the gravy was flavorless, the potatoes were weird), but Brit and Andrew said they enjoyed it, and I certainly stuffed myself enough. I also discovered why people eat thanksgiving dinner so early.... we ate at a normal dinner time, about 5 PM, but by the time the apple pie was done cooling we were all asleep.

My fun disaster story of the evening: I had bought those frozen rolls that are supposed to thaw and rise, and then forgotten about them until 45 minutes before the turkey was done. So I hurried and grabbed them out of the freezer, dumped them all in a cake pan, and set them on top of the warm oven for a quick-rise. Unfortunately, I didn't realize one end of the pan was right in front of the oven vent.... and by the time I looked at them again, about 2 or 3 rolls were risen over the top of the pan, and the rest were still partly frozen. We let them rise the rest of the way anyway, and cooked them all into one giant roll-cake. In the end, they turned out pretty good... the ones in the middle are still doughy, but we have a lot of rolls for leftover turkey sandwiches. And that might just be my favorite part of thanksgiving, anyway.

This is our whole spread... we put the food on the table and ate buffet-style downstairs watching the BYU game. Which cut off 2 minutes before the end. Boo.

Me and Brit

Me and Andrew

My overly-filled plate of delicousness (I had run out and bought crescent rolls to replace my frozen roll disaster)
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Kristina P. said...

I'm sure it was wonderful!

Phoebe said...

Ok, I hope this doesn't sound too stalkericious . . .

This is Phoebe North, from NPHS. Don't know if you remember me. I stumbled across your old livejournal a few months ago and have been reading your blog (and enjoying it!) ever since. I was feeling guilty about the stalkeresque quality of my reading, so I thought I'd say hello--looks like a great Thanksgiving! Glad everything is going well for you.

heather said...

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving dinner! Looks good!

The Boob Nazi said...

I want to make my own Thanksgiving dinner one day soon.

Mary said...

We didn't cook at all this year b/c I was scheduled to work the dinner at the chow hall on Tuesday would have to do :o)

I have had so many food disasters...I don't even keep track anymore!