Tuesday, February 10


I feel the need to reach out to my loyal blog readers. I know it's been too long. But I have nothing interesting to say. My brain is barely functional. So, for your reading pleasure, an update on my life for the month of February:

Sunday: work
Monday: work
Tuesday: work
Wednesday: work
Thursday: stay at work until 12 pm, come home and sleep the rest of the day
Friday: get called into work, have work broken into by a strange and possibly intoxicated man trying to steal a tv (oh... come to think of it... that is a worthy blog entry in and of itself... maybe after i sleep.)
Saturday: sleep all day to recover from work
Sunday: see the cutest little girl in the whole world ever and get lots of loves and kisses, and then work
Monday: work
Tuesday: stay at work until 12 pm, come home and sleep all day, feel like throat is bleeding from icky raspy coughing (that's today, in case you lost track)
Wednesday: get butt kicked by personal trainer, then go to work
Thursday: work
Saturday: work
Sunday: work

That brings you to the 15th of this month. Exciting, no? Just be grateful I didn't give you time/place details. Even I wouldn't want to read that.

So, seriously, my brain has melted, I am just not creative. Maybe after some good sleep I can tell you about my exciting first time ever calling 911. It was special.


Kristina P. said...

Wow, look at all that free time you have! ;)

I've missed you and your blog!

Emilia said...

I've actually been thinking for the last two weeks that there has been a ridiculous lack of Jen in my life.

the letter Bee said...

Holy crap, you've been BUSY! Glad you're back!