Saturday, February 28

Because I know you're all very concerned...

I'm still alive. I was miserable yesterday, but felt a MILLION TIMES better after an amazing gas station hot dog and some caffeine. Srsly, best hot dog ever. And then I actually managed to get out of working the morning shift today, because I happened to overhear another nurse looking for someone to cover next friday afternoon. We traded. But I still had to work this afternoon. And it was terrible. A colostomy was involved. I'll let your imagination run wild. I hate my job right now, and I think I'm going to have to underschedule myself for the next month. I'll be poor, but I'll mostly be working the job I love, and maybe seeing my husband once in a while.

Well. That was long winded.

Here's a funny video involving my scaredy kitty and my best friend's adorable new baby, and their first meeting:

ETA: after reviewing my own post, I realize this is a lot darker on the internet than on my computer. Let me know if it's unwatchable. I'll just take it off.


whitty-acres said...

I don't believe a word concerning the hot dog. The video is totally watchable. It looks like a special ops person looking at me through a night scope. That is what it was, right?

whitty-acres said...

ps this is tyler, didn't realize i was signed in with wendy's account. don't want her taking the fall for my snarkiness.