Wednesday, April 9

To-Do List

Now that school is all but over, i'm feeling incredibly manic, and getting a bit of spring-cleaning fever. So my to-do list today is a mile long, even though I keep getting distracted by things like the computer. But it helps me to write it down. Isn't this fun?

-Make birthday breakfast for brit (in progress... the ebelskeiverhshgcko pan is heating up)
-sweep and mop floors (done!)
-clean the bathroom (done!)
-finish folding the laundry
-clean the living room and vacuum
-clean off the random surfaces in the bedroom (and vacuum)
-dust the random surfaces in the bedroom
-pack one more box
-do one more load of laundry (of random crap that got missed)
-clean off the kitchen counter
-shop for Brit's birthday dinner (red chicken, yum!)
-make brit's birthday dinner

... And we'll see from there.

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whitty-acres said...

happy birthday brit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!