Friday, April 4


(tagged by Cassie...)

10 years ago....
I was only 12, almost 13. That seems kinda silly. I was in 8th grade, that may or may not have been the year we went to Disney World, and I don't remember much beyond that. Much that's interesting, anyway. I was a pretty boring kid.

5 things on my To Do list today.....

1. Write my med/surg case study
2. Make dinner
3. Write my med/surg case study
4. pack when i'm bored and sick of writing
5. procrastinate writing my med/surg case study

If I became a Billionaire....
I'd pay off my student loans (which aren't much, but they're there), finish out college because I actually do want to be a nurse, buy a beautiful house on a beach somewhere warm, and put the rest in a high-interest savings account so brit never had to work again and I could just work when i felt like it.

5 Jobs I've had.....

1. Food Service Worker
2. Delivery Expert
3. Telemarketer
4. Various secretarial temping
5. Student!

5 of my secret bad habits.....

1. Procrastination (not so secret, considering i'm writing this when i should be studying)
2. Whining
3. not cleaning up after myself, even though i say i want a clean house (esp. leaving dishes out various places)
4. being waaaaay too trusting in people
5. picking my nose :)

5 places I have lived.....

1. This apartment, in provo UT
2. my grandpa's house in orem
3. BYU dorms (and various other apartments in provo/orem)
4. My parents' house in NJ
5. my biological parents' house in NJ

5 things people might not know about me.....

1. I've never lived anywhere but NJ and Utah
2. My favorite animal in the whole world is the Killer Whale
3. When i get really stressed out, or i'm in an incredibly tense situation (like when i would get in really big trouble with my mom), I laugh. I can't help it.
4. I love to cook and feel domestic, even though I'm bad at actually doing it.
5. I'm a math nerd.

I tag Emilia, Natalie, and Wendy. Do it!


whitty-acres said...

I'm gonna do this I promise!!! Although there is a small chance I've already done it but who cares! Love you.

Emilia said...

I will do this later. Yes, ten years ago was when you went to Disney. It was just a few months before Todd and I got married.

Jen said...

NUH-UH!!!!!! You seriously got married THAT long ago?! I was a baby!

Tyler said...

triple tag? is that even allowed? i am going to have to go look at the rule book.