Tuesday, April 8

I believe congratulations are in order.

Today was my last day of clinical, pretty much EVER. I handed in my last big pain-in-the-butt paper, and now I have nothing left for the rest of the semester except a small, 1-day-max single page "information brochure", and then the (pretty easy) final. And then next semester is widely considered the easiest of them all... we're thought to know nearly all we need to know (HA!), and the semester focuses mostly on review for the NCLEX. And clinicals? "Clinicals" consist entirely of personal choice areas... half a semester in Community Nursing, which you're placed in according to your area of preference, and then the preceptorship- which for me, is 8 weeks in Labor & Delivery.

So congratulations, me! The hard part is over. And I've already treated myself to an hour-long bubble bath with candles and classical music. Which isn't as comfortable in a small tub as you might think... but still, you should try it sometime.


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Kari said...

WOW JEN! That is so awesome that you are done with clinicals for the semester. I think that those care plans/case studies are the worst. The last semester is the best I have to tell you, clinicals are a blast, because you are actually in an area that you like! I do have to say though, that I have a hugh lack of motivation due to me being so close to graduate, I think that has been the hardest thing for me this last semester. Congrats!