Tuesday, April 22

Good Things

I found plane tickets to go to OH, so I finally get to visit my wonderful brother and sister-in-law and nephews whom I miss so very, very much (and hopefully my other brother- and sister-in-law and brand new nephew!) I'm really, ridiculously excited. I miss them like crazy. So I'll be in Ohio from May 7-11 (which will be a mere 5 days after we move! eek!).

I took my Nursing final today, and while I pretty much bombed the test, I still got away with an A- in the class. And it's DONE! Three semesters down, one more to go.

I got a job (finally!!) this morning. Or at least, I found out I got the job this morning. It's not too exciting... I'm doing full-time LPN at a care center. BUT it's not a depressing place, my friend used to work there and said it was a fairly good gig, and now- most importantly- i'm gonna be getting a paycheck. I think I'll be starting next week, even though it will be awkward with moving that weekend and then Ohio the next week. I need scrubs!

Today is Isabelle's second birthday. It's totally gone by without a hitch. Time is an interesting thing. Still, I think I'll make cake tonight.

And combining two of my very favorite things:
(spoiler alert: Doctor Who, to the end of Series 2)


Kari said...

That is so amazing that you got a job. It is a nice feeling, especially when a semester is done of nursing school as well. Good luck! And have fun on your trip.

Tyler said...

Congratulations on the job, although being gainfully employed ain't what it's cracked up to be.