Tuesday, April 8

Invisible Girl

Ok, I'm really not trying to be emo or melodramatic, but seriously, how forgettable am I? It seems like remembering my name (JENNIFER. how hard can that really be?) is just absolutely beyond some people... most notably people who make a real effort to remember names.

When I was but a wee freshman, I had a philosophy class that I loved. The teacher made it a point to memorize everyone's name, and made a huge deal out of it, too. Yet somehow, though I attended every single week and participated regularly, he was still asking my name up until a month before the end of the semester.

The same thing happened in my music class last night. And in this one, I really do participate regularly... At the beginning of the semester, I had to personally introduce myself to get a syllabus from him, and we actually had a conversation. Several, actually, in the first few lectures. And I'd say I make a comment at least every other week (it's a once/week class), and every single time he has to ask my name, even though he's made a point out of having nearly everyone else's memorized by now. Oh, and next week is the last class of the semester. Ouch.

Maybe this is why I'm so bad at remembering other peoples' names... I'm just so used to not needing to. Or maybe I really am being dramatic and only remembering the negative experiences. It just really threw me off. I didn't think "jen" was that hard to remember!!

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Emilia said...

Because your name sounds like an alias. Jen Smith? Ri-ght. No, seriously, tell me your real name. Todd (given the name Michael Smith!!! Immediately plunging him into complete and total alias status. "Okay, sir, whatever you say your name is, Mr. Smith. Wink, wink.) has this problem, too. It's not that you are shy, it's that your parents didn't love you enough to name you Shazizzle Snotpicker.

And you're in Utah. Christensen is no better than Smith.