Saturday, March 8

Round is a shape!

We went out last night with Brit's guild- basically a group of people that somewhat associate with each other on his online game, and happen to live in the same general area. There were about 17 of us, we met at Sconecutters, and headed up the canyon for night games.

It was freezing.

We started with Capture the Flag, which stopped being fun as soon as I had to chase someone. Cold air wreaks havoc on my lungs. I couldn't breathe for the rest of the night. Plus, I'm about as out of shape as one can get. We won, eventually, and tried to play The Judge.... which for me, consisted of finding a hiding place, sitting down, and chilling for a good 20 minutes. It would have been fine, but it was still cold. When they stopped the game to modify the rules and play again, I opted to go home. Being married makes you lame. We leave stuff early and think it's time for bed at 10 PM. It took me a looong time to get warm again.

Somehow, today, my legs ache something awful, from all the 100 yards i ran in capture the flag. And I feel sick. Just a terrible, icky, blah feeling, of leftover headache and soreness and exhaustion without actually wanting to lay down and have a nap. I should be doing homework. But I feel icky.

Overall, it was pretty fun. Until the running, anyway. I liked meeting all of Brit's sortof-friends and not remembering their names. I'm bad with names. But I tried. I'm cripplingly shy, but I came out of my shell a bit to joke and participate in conversation. So I think it was a success for me.

I've now run out of ways to procrastinate my homework.......


Jase and Natalie said...

Hey babe! So I decided we needed to start up one of these so my parents and other people can keep up with us. Anyway, we gotta hang out sometime! I miss you two!

Cynthia said...

Very cute blog! Hope you are breathing and recuperating. Love you!