Friday, March 28

I ... passed?

It's official! I am now a Licensed Practical Nurse. I don't know how... I was 95% positive I had failed the test after I took the NCLEX on Wednesday. Those questions were HARD. But I guess our school prepares us better than I'd even realized. I went to the official website this morning, searched to verify a license... and there it was: Jennifer Christensen, Provo, issued 3/27/08.



ryan and heather said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Yay! We are so excited for you!! I bet that is a huge relief! You are amazing - and this proves it! :)

Emilia said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Even though I had no idea what you were talking about before, I'm excited for you.)

whitty-acres said...

CONGRATULATIONS! We are so proud of you. Of course you passed! You are like... a genius. And pretty, and cute, and talented and everything else. Seriously we are so proud.