Wednesday, March 19

Moving and Shaking

My husband is a genius! But of course, you probably already knew that. I'm just very proud of him right now for taking this old, busted cat toy and rigging it into an independent play thing that Whisky just adores. It was a mouse at the end of a fishing pole. Now it's a mouse cleverly hanging off the side of the stool, just out of perfect reach, so she bats at it and tries to catch it and has the whole playground of the stool to climb all over swatting at her toy. It's her favorite. She gets bored with things she has to do herself, like batting a ball and chasing after it (really, who wouldn't?), but she loves climbing in and around and all over furniture. So it's perfect for her. Way to go, brit!

Well that was a lot of fluff. In more important news, we're moving!!!!! I'm insanely excited about this, Brit is mostly tolerant. Brit is mostly worried that we're using up all of our money to put down a deposit, but whatever. It's not like it'll be gone forever. And by the time we move, I will have an income again, and hopefully at least one paycheck. So it's all good.

To summarize for your reading ease, the downsides of this new apartment:
- Laundry is coin-op, so it's not free anymore
- We have to pay for gas and electric
- No cable (or at least not free cable)

The wonderful things about this apartment:
+ It's cheaper by $125 per month. Even if we were wasteful with our utilities, I doubt we could be paying much more than we are now.
+ It's HUGE! 2 big bedrooms that fit a king-size bed.... a total of 1200+ sq ft, a good 300 more than we have now
+ It's a great location- just down the street from both our schools and the highway, right across the street from the mall
+ The people there are nice and friendly
+ They know about Whisky and are ok with it, with the larger deposit, so we don't have to hide her or worry about getting evicted
+ It has a dishwasher!
It comes with free internet, so our lack-of-tv problems are mostly solved right there
+ The bedroom has a door :) (Silly, i know, but trust me you don't really appreciate this until you've lived without one for 9 months)

Is that enough reasons to move? I think so. Moving day will be the first of may, because I'm sure you want to show up and help. When we actually get into it, I'll take lots of pictures and post them. I'm sure you'll be shaking with anticipation....

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ryan and heather said...

WOW!! Moving day! Holy cow - that's crazy! And so exciting! I'm glad you found something that you love - and that will save you money! It sounds like a great deal! Congrats - and good luck with the move! Wish we were there to help you out!