Thursday, March 20

Feline Discrimination

Ok, here's what happened.

We applied at this wonderful awesome place, after checking out an advertisement on craig's list. It was big and awesome and cheap and came with free internet and cable, the only problem was we'd have to move by the end of march. But i decided it was worth the sacrifice.

So we went in and applied, and found out that the free cable was probably a misadvertisement by the people who were trying to get out of their contract. Oh well, whatever, we could do without cable. So we applied, and i tried to brush over the whole cat thing, turned in our application, and found out that we have to give them $50 to run credit checks. Bwah? Ok, fine, but at least let me wait until we're first in line and somebody else won't snatch the apartment out from under me before I hand over fifty bucks... I'll call back on monday.

So the next day, I get a call, and they tell me they actually have 2 other apartments that will be available first of may. Excellent! I run in to hand them my money, finish the application, and make an appointment to meet with the manager (she likes to do this) the next day.

We go in, sit down, and one of the first things she says is "Oh, you're the ones with the cat, that's right." And proceeds to talk to us about how awesome the apartment is, what the deposit would be, etc. So the whole time I'm thinking "Excellent! The cat won't be a problem!" So we're winding down, she's giving us a sticky with the deposit amount and what we need to come in to sign contracts, and suddenly goes "Hm, now there was something else.... I can't remember... Oh yeah! The cat. You have to get rid of her." BWAH?! I whine and moan, and talk about how much i wanted that apartment and is there any way she could ask the owner and maybe we could pay a higher deposit or something? So she says she'll look into it.

I call back the next day to find out what she knows. They tell me, as i expected, the owner is ok with it, we just have to pay an extra $500 deposit. Well, ok, i think we can handle that. Yeah, it'll mostly wipe out savings, but it's SO WORTH IT!! So I'm all excited, I go in the next day with my checkbook in hand, wait around for about 15 minutes while she deals with a group of college boys and their contract signing, and sit down with pen in hand and check filled out ready to sign my contracts. She starts by reminding me that people will be wondering about me having a cat... yes, yes i know.... and i should tell them i have explicit permission.... of course..... and that i'm paying a higher deposit and rent.... yes i--wait, what? Higher rent, what now? "Oh I'm sorry, I was sure I told you on the phone yesterday, it's an extra $500 security deposit and $50 extra each month for the rent." . . .

So that's that. I told her I'd have to think about it, but i think that really pushes it over the edge. The proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

What i don't understand is, why all the discrimination against cats? They're so clean! Yes, they may claw furniture sometimes, but they don't provide any furniture anyway, so what are they worried about? My cat is not going to take crayons or markers and write on the walls. She is not going to spill juice on the rug. She is not going to run around without a diaper on and accidentally pee on something. She is meticulous and anal about doing her thing in her litter box and covering it up with our excessively strong litter that completely masks even her scent. She is not going to be crying in the middle of the night, she is not going to be running around screaming at the top of her lungs, and she is not going to bother the neighbors, ever. So please tell me, why can we have all the kids we want in an apartment with no increased anything, but it's like pulling teeth when we try to go anywhere with our cat?

It makes me pretty mad, if you can't tell.

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Emilia said...

Do you think they'd trace it back to you if a litter box happened to be emptied in front of the office door?

Just wondering...