Tuesday, April 27

Whining about Whiners

My husband says everything irritates me. That's probably true. And he's sick of hearing why I hate this and that... and it's too long to post on facebook... and I can't exactly rant on a forum about why the people on the forum bug me... So I turn to blogging.

The only forum I read is for pregnant moms due in June, so a vast majority of people on this forum are in the Baby Shower Stage. And holy CRIPES you should hear the whining!! Every time I go on I see another post about how annoyed someone is that her shower is only a week away, and her registry only has three things fulfilled! ZOMGTRAGEDY!!! What is with the sense of entitlement lately? Many, many, many people don't even get a shower. And most people who do, that I've seen anyway, take whatever people give them (usually clothes they didn't register for, from stores they've never been to) with a smile. I only registered in the first place to have a place to look and see everything I would need and how much it would cost me to stock up for baby. And (I just thought of this) aren't registries usually considered a favor to the guests? Like, "here's a list of things you know I'll appreciate if you need guidance in your gift-buying." At least that's what I was told when I was doing my wedding registry.

Just today, a girl was complaining about her mother saying the crib set she wanted was too expensive, and she was all torn up about whether she should just buy it herself even though they couldn't afford it. WHY are people dead set on things they can't afford, anyway? Shouldn't you be using YOUR budget when you decide on what you want? Is there a trend I somehow missed that $400 baby shower gifts are the norm, and you have a right to be offended if nobody will buy it for you?

Ugh. People.

In happy news, my baby shower was awesome, and I will post pics from that later. I went out today and finished stocking up, so now we're totally ready to bring a baby home. Now I just get to sit around for 6 more weeks wishing I was done being pregnant.


Erin said...

Yeah, you just don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Sheesh.

I didn't register anywhere, and I am thankful for everything I got. (I am a bit surprised that I got 15 baby blankets - quilts, not receiving blankets - but they sure are cute!)

Mary said...

People asked me all the time what theme I was doing for the boys room...and I replied, "whatever people give me, and then I'll buy whatever is on sale." I still haven't 'decorated' b/c it isn't a necessity!

We didn't even buy cribs b/c it wasn't in the budget...and were THRILLED that the ladies at church pitched in to get me a pack n play. And, my family was amazing with getting me a couple big ticket items like a double stroller, breast pump, baby monitor, etc.

People need to be grateful with any happy thoughts they get...I was thrilled with cards from relatives without any gift just because it meant they were thinking about me. This overwhelming sense of entitlement is beginning to become the norm, and it makes me want to gag!