Wednesday, June 4

Reason #4762981 why my husband is the BEST

Yesterday was my birthday. It didn't start out so great. I was depressed all morning, barely saw Brit, and had to work. I went to the gym cos I told this girl I'd be there to be measured, then turned around and went home without working out at all. And proceeded to finish off my Ben & Jerry's (but I was still in my workout clothes, so that must count for something, right?!).

Work started to turn my mood around. It was a fairly low-key day, which I always like, few complications, and I just got over whatever it was that was eating me. So by the time I went home I was already feeling better, and then I walked in to lit candles, pancakes on the griddle, a giant cake on the counter, and-- the best part-- a totally clean apartment!!! He really went all-out for me, and it was the best birthday evening EVER. Even though by the end of the day I blew my diet to itty bitty pieces. Still, it was so sweet, and the thought of it all is still making me happy. I just can't believe how much effort he put in! I mean, he went shopping, re-stocked our fridge, emptied all the boxes in the office (and there were a lot), broke down the bazillion boxes in the living room.... I am seriously impressed. And so now this means as soon as I get the pictures hung up (or maybe before, since who knows when that will happen) I can finally post pictures of my apartment without embarrassment. So look for that coming soon, I'd say within the next week.

Thank you to everyone who called me and/or wished me well on my birthday (especially to my nephews for the greatest voicemail I've ever had-- it's going to be saved for a loooooong time!). I love you all!

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Julianne said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny! Good husband to clean up the apartment and break down boxes and such...isn't moving such a PAIN???