Saturday, June 7

The long-awaited apartment tour!

With the apartment cleaned and beautified, I finally found the energy to hang up pictures in the living room and finish the whole "decorating" thing. I'm pretty stinking proud of myself with that, too. As I got ready to take pictures, though, I realized the apartment is just too big to get a real sense of it through pictures (poor us, right?), so I settled on a video tour! Welcome to the 21st century!

No sound is required for this video... I did one with me narrating the tour, decided that sounded lame, and redid it as a silent walk-through. Silent except for the sound of my breathing and the perpetual fan we have going in the bedroom. >_<

Right near the end you can see our fabulous brand-new bed... It's so BIG! And squishy! I love it to itty bitty pieces. The laptop has even moved into the bedroom because it's so much comfier to blog from the bed. Other than that, the bedroom is completely unfinished. That'll probably be the last to get done.

And lastly, some close-ups of the wall decorations that you couldn't really see in the video (and can't really see here, either, because of glare)... I'm just so prideful about this. I've never really been a decorator, but I'm happy with the results here (with some help from a friend of mine... I can't really take full credit...)

The picture in the middle is one of me and Brit in front of the temple. Then on the left is a collage of his family, and on the right, a collage of mine.

This is one of my favorites. The top frame has our marriage certificate from the temple, and the dried flower we used in our engagement photos (it doesn't look much like a flower anymore, but still... sentimental value and all that....). The bottom one has the Family Proclamation layered over top the picture you can mostly see.

In this last one, the pictures you can't see are just a few professional photos from the wedding in our "Family" frame. Then those two boxes on top are Brit's chinese shadow boxes that say "Love" and "Happiness."

The overall effect is nice, i think. It makes me smile every time I walk in my living room, anyway, and I'm pretty sure that's a good thing. My house is finally starting to feel like a home.

More blogs to come later... for now, I have to rush off to work.


heather said...

Woah I love this! And you crack me up about the silent tour - but I totally understand what you mean about listening to yourself talk. The apartment looks fabulous! And I love all the pictures you hung! Where did you get the Proclamation done like that? I love it!! Thanks for sharing!

Tyler said...

dudes- you guys are living large. that apartment is enormganticuge. it is also beautgorgiant. the breathing was spooky. i demand a do over with narrative!