Sunday, June 15

50 things

Fifty things I love and adore about my husband, the future father of my children:

1. He's cute and sexy. :)

2. He's so good with computers and everything to do with them. Brilliant. He knows more than his teacher about the java class he's taking now.

3. He loves his family, especially his mommy.

4. He's so cute with his nephews. And niece. I love to watch him play with them and think about what a good father he'll be.

5. He is so patient with me, even when I get all crazy and PMSy and freak out over nothing. I don't know how he puts up with me, but he does every day, and sometimes with a smile.

6. He is SO creative. He collects the most random junk, and with it suddenly creates a wonderful practical invention.

7. I'm convinced he can fix anything.

8. He's really good at a lot of video games. I find that sexy.

9. He's good about taking out the garbage and helping me with chores around the house (often being the only one to do them), even though he has little more time than I do.

10. And he does it without me having to ask, most of the time

11. He's so patient about our present lot in life. Yeah, it kinda sucks that we never get to see each other, and it kinda sucks that he's going to be in school non-stop for the next 2 years, yet he keeps pushing through, going to school every day then to a crappy job he hates then home to do homework. He is superman.

12. He keeps me in check when i want to run off and indulge my wild fantastical whims, like running off to California, or having a baby. He is my level-headed better half.

13. He's good at being romantic, when he wants to be. Like when I thought I'd failed my LPN and he bought me flowers and a present, or his awesome birthday evening surprise, or when he brought me breakfast in bed on mother's day.

14. He rubs my feet and my ankles when they hurt whenever I ask without complaining. What a gift.

15. When he gets in his silly moods, he gets SO SILLY. And we start wrestling and I end up laughing so hard it hurts.

16. He is SUCH a good cuddler!!!

17. He's good at talking me down out of my pity parties.

18. He takes care of me when I'm sick.

19. He forces me to smile when I'm grumpy.

20. He's a worthy temple-going priesthood holder who will be a wonderful head of the family.

21. Even though we just got married, he's had very little interaction with my family, and he has every reason to be scared of them, he went to Ohio with me and was really good at interacting with my brother and sister-in-law and just naturally integrating into my side of the family. Which is great, because family is hugely important to me.

22. He's good at reminding me to say dinner prayers.

23. He makes me want to be a better person, so I can feel like I deserve him.

24. He fully intends to be with me forever in the Celestial Kingdom.

25. He's great at taking care of Whisky and Khianna.... which I neglect more often than not.

26. He's all sorts of cute and manly in a jeep.

27. And speaking of cars, he lets me drive the nice new Sonata, and drives the cruddy old Alero without complaint.

28. He's really supportive of me in general and my life goals and makes me feel better when I
feel like I'm a bad nurse.

29. He's also supportive of me not killing myself getting to those life goals, even if it means working less while I'm in school and not making as much money.

30. When I was looking at jobs a few months back, he encouraged me to take the job that would really make me happy and pay less, even though this meant he'd have to stay longer at his awful job.

31. He's so adorably indignant of the fact that I subtly orchestrated his proposal by dropping hints about the beach being "the most romantic place on earth." He honestly thought up until a few months ago that I had NO idea the proposal was coming.

32. I say a lot about him indulging me, but he really knows when to put his foot down, which is actually very important for the longevity of our relationship. I am spoiled rotten, and really need someone who knows how to put boundaries on me. Brit knows just how to do this, and I respect him for it.

33. Even though he knew the answer was going to be yes, he was still nervous when he asked me to marry him.

34-39. ((Censored))

40. He's actively trying to be friends with my friends, so we can all hang out together.

41. He creates World of Warcraft characters and levels them to 70 just because he thought of an awesome name.

42. He gets giddy over the geekiest things.

43. He tries my cooking and gives his honest opinion, even though he's a very picky eater.

44. He gets all cute and pouty when I mock him.

45. He knows how to tease and mock me. And does it in the most loving way possible.

46. The love he has for ICW is just.... beyond words. I love how supportive he is of that decision, the way we can talk about it..... everything.

47. He gets all excited about popping my (rare) pimples. It's cute. And a little weird. But he's somehow sucked me into the excitement, too...

48. His vast collection of movies. A little lame to be on the list, yes, but still... very useful. And it ties back to that whole techno geek thing. Which also applies to anything electronic... like wiring our whole surround sound system... which technically is probably a seperate point, but I'm running out of numbers.

49. He loves me exactly the way I am, in every little way. My crazy quirks, my attitude nuances, my chubby belly. And even so, he's supports me when I want to change.

50. He has no idea that his REAL present is waiting in our checking account . . . ;)


Emilia said...

So cute and adorable. It makes me want to give you both pinches on your rosy cheeks.

My secret to making Brit feel like one of the family was when I handed him the lawn mower. ;)

Love you guys.

Bekah said...

Awww- you two are soo cute!!! That's a great list!! I'm so excited you have a blog, we def. need to catch up:-)

Bekah Kamauu-Paredes

Tyler said...

34-39 were yucky. it makes me so happy to see you guys so happy.

Tyler said...

also, 42 sort of naturally followed from 41, i see ;) ooh, double comment. i rule.

Tyler said...

dude- i should have read the entire post before commenting, then i would have avoided the embarrassment of the triple comment, because while double commenting is fantastic, triple is creepy, so my apologies. all that to say that wendy has the same weird fascination with pus.

Jen said...

It's ok, tyler. It made me way happy to see my number of comments suddenly go from 2 to 5. I felt popular. Even if they were all from you.

Julianne said...

Well isn't that cute! So squishy and warm and fuzzy, it's almost sickening! But wonderful. I've been thinking about how lucky I am for the person I married too. Sure makes you grateful, eh?