Friday, March 12


A completely random, very quick story before I head off to work....

A very long time ago, I pulled up to a stop light on State St, and watched a couple of 12-13 year old girls cross at the light. Suddenly for no reason at all, they started flashing the British "bird" at all the cars. Like they'd just learned what it meant, and thought they were terribly cool for knowing. I wanted to run over them on principle. It was a close call.

Brought to you by a memory sparked by the Boob Nazi's story (my first reaction while reading was "Um, did this peace sign happen to be backwards? Because I've got news for you....."). And for all two of you who don't read her blog already, she's having a giveaway.


Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

Hahaha, Que and his friends used to give each other the British Bird. But that was in high school, and they only did it to each other. (As if that makes it better.) LOL

The Boob Nazi said...

Why is your blog not updating in my reader?!?!?!?